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Going away on your own for the weekend, can be challenging for some people, so it is great to know there is somewhere you can go where you will be comfortable….. and that most others will also be coming on their own.

Most people who come to the Burren Yoga Retreats were not looking specifically for a singles weekend break.

But it just happens that the best way to experience a yoga retreat is on your own.

90% of our guests come on their own on our yoga retreats and many make friend with whom they stay in contact with for many years.

Only 15 people on each retreat

The atmosphere is warm and welcoming.

We only take 15 people on each of our retreats, and it is very easy to get to know the others on the retreat as we have daily guided outings, and there is a very easy going friendly atmosphere on the retreats.

People build friendships very easily in this enjoyable friendly atmosphere.

If you are looking for a singles weekend break, then the Burren Yoga retreats are definitely one place you will find it very easy to fit in, experience excellent yoga and meditation instruction, enjoy amazing vegetarian food, and be taken on guided outings into the Burren hills and by the sea.

Dave has hand-picked the best yoga and meditation teachers and has limited the maximum number of retreat participants to 15, so no matter what your age or level of ability our teachers will be able to guide you at a pace and level that is suitable for you.

About 20% of our visitors have never practiced yoga before, and it is a great way to begin the path of yoga and meditation having an excellent yoga teacher to guide you.

About 30% of the people on our retreats have been here before, so this gives a nice atmosphere and before you know it, all you will hear is laughter as everyone gets to know each other.

Single traveller weekend breaks

These weekend breaks yoga retreats are a great way to meet other like-minded single travellers and many people make new friends with whom they stay in contact with for many years.

90% of people come on their own
The atmosphere at the Burren Yoga and Meditation Centre is warm and welcoming, and most retreat participants come on their own.

Partly because of the Irish easy-going way, within a couple of hours of arriving it will be like everybody has known each other for many years.

These weekend breaks (and week-long yoga retreats during the summer) are the ideal single traveller weekend break with a difference;

Because the focus is on excellent quality yoga and meditation and the whole experience lends itself to getting the best out of the experience by being on your own (without anyone to have to chat to or feel you have to look after them) …it never crosses one’s mind that one has come here on one’s own.

Without anyone having to make an effort, everyone has such a good time within this social setting because the retreats and the atmosphere at the centre have been setup in such a way to foster this easy going naturally friendly environment.

Many people have remarked that they were expecting very high quality yoga and meditation instruction, and the best of food, and great guided outings, but were very surprised at the the huge social aspect of meeting like minded people within this very friendly and fun atmosphere.

Irish people Friendliness
About 70% of the people on our week long yoga retreats are Irish, with about 30% flying in from abroad.

Irish people are warm and friendly and this greatly affects the atmosphere, and it often feels as if everybody knew each other for a long time, rather than just all coming together in this lovely warm atmosphere.

Singles of all ages and all levels of fitness

Some retreats are very gentle and suitable for all ages, while others are more challenging and more suitable for the younger singles traveller or those who have practiced yoga already.

So if you are younger and even though you may be a complete beginner, you may prefer to choose a course which is a challenge for your fitness and is more challenging than the gentle courses.



If you are older, or have any back, neck or knee injuries you may prefer to try one of our more gentle courses.

But the choice is entirely yours. No matter which course you choose, the teacher will ensure that you do not work beyond your limits.

More info at Singles Holiday Breaks


If you need advice, or are not sure which retreat would be best for you, please do not hesitate to contact Dave who runs the centre either by email or the phone number in the footer area at the bottom of this website.

You can see a list of which retreats are more gentle than others at
Which level singles holiday breaks



Singles weekend package breaks

The complete weekend break package which is ideal for the single traveller includes

  • the best quality yoga and meditation instruction
  • daily guided outings to visit local attractions
  • outdoor activities
  • amazing vegetarian food
  • comfortable accommodation
  • great social way to meet new friends
  • all within a genuine yogic environment





The Burren Yoga and Meditation Centre is a real find. The atmosphere is warm, welcoming and fun. I felt rejuvenated after a weekend of excellent yoga, wholesome vegetarian food, and a variety of beautiful hill and coastal walks. Sorell Fearnell, Health and Living 

Dave Brocklebank founded the Burren Yoga Centre in 1999, and he believes that yoga and meditation are the two most transformational practices he has learned in his life.

Dave Brocklebank has been practising meditation since 1978 and yoga since 1988 and manages and looks after each one of the retreats himself.

He choose the beautiful location of The Burren as being an ideal location for the retreat centre, and has built in daily guided outings to spend time in Nature as an integral part of the retreats.

Single persons holidays

A great way to visit Ireland is to come on one of our eco yoga retreats for your first week’s holiday. Get to meet and socialise with Irish people and hear their tips and advice on where best to go, and also possibly to hear about festivals or music events that may be happening the following week.

And then take your second week to either stay in The Burren and to soak up this relaxed pace of life on the West coast of Ireland or who knows….maybe one of the other retreat participants will invite you to see another special place in Ireland.


We have guided outings that you are welcome to come on. But if you prefer to break off from the rest of the group, Dave will give you many options on places to see, things to do, and excellent places to eat.




Can you spot Kathryn Thomas the Irish Television presenter?


Everybody is welcome at Burren Yoga 😉

Just leave your cares and worries behind, and come along with an open heart.


Independent traveller breaks

Our weekend yoga retreats are ideal if you are travelling on your own and would like to spend an inspiring week in one of the most beautiful places in Ireland, The Burren.

Most people come on our eco yoga retreats on their own and the atmosphere is warm and welcoming.



Irish people are very sociable and over dinner on the first night you will be chatting to the others in the group as if you had known them many years 😉

Singles holiday breaks

Sometimes it is best to come on your own to a yoga retreat.

That way you will be able to simply be yourself and not feel that you have to chat to someone if you would like to stay quiet, or not feel you should do the gentle sea walk when what you really would like to do is the hill climb that looks over Galway bay with stunning views of the Atlantic ocean and the Aran Islands.

Being on your own gives you the flexibility to be able to do what feels right to you at any particular moment, without having to take someone else into account.

This makes it easier to tune inwards, notice and observe the effects of some of the practices on your internal peace on mind, rather than be distracted by interacting with a friend.

Great social way to meet other like minded people single travellers

The atmosphere on our eco yoga retreats is informal and relaxed and there is a genuine warm friendly feeling at the centre, so that one feels at home within the first 5 minutes.


The most usual sound you will hear in the kitchen is chatting and laughter, and it is very easy to make new friends as the whole group bonds very well together and we all head out as a group on the guided outings.

Single Womens holiday

Sometimes it is nice to relax and nourish yourself in a group that is safe for women and just in the company of women.

Once per year we offer a retreat that is women only, although most of our retreats have both men and women on them.


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