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Online meditation course
This 30 day course will teach you the techniques and tips to learn meditation and establish a daily practice

 Experienced teacher practicing over 40 years

 Online Meditation Course

The Burren Yoga Retreat was founded in 1999 by yoga and meditation teacher Dave Brocklebank.

Dave is one of the most experienced meditation teachers in Ireland.

He trained in meditation in 1978 and has been practicing consistently ever since.

He has put his life’s work into inspiring others to establish a daily yoga and meditation practice so that we can all benefit from these practices.

Many of Dave’s students have asked him to put all his knowledge and experience of meditating and ‘teaching people how to meditate’ into an online meditation course.

Be skillfully guided by someone who has put in the practice

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 course delivery & content

25 minutes per day for 30 days.

Every 3 days, Dave will email you the next 3 day’s videos.

Dave will answer your questions by email.

Each day, Dave will talk for 10 minutes. 

He will then guide you through the meditation practice for 15 minutes.

By receiving ‘bite sized’ instruction, followed by meditation practice, you will gradually absorb all the necessary understanding, techniques and tips to follow the practice correctly and also how to motivate yourself to do the daily practice.

During the first 20 days you will receive all the necessary knowledge of how to meditate and also how to establish your own daily practice.

Over the last 10 days, Dave gives you fewer instructions as you become familiar with the practice.  And you begin to practice in silence.

By the end of the course, it is easy for you to continue on your own each day.

Online meditation course
Mindfulness Ireland

The course content will include 

  • Finding a comfortable sitting position
  • The actual technique of breath focused meditation
  • Dealing with thoughts and ‘trains of thought’


  • How to deal with discomfort or urge to move
  • Techniques to motivate yourself to practice each day
  • Yoga postures to support your meditation practice


  • The mind rebelling and how to deal with it
  • Setting up the best environment to practice
  • Breathing practices to depen your practice


The course gives you a fuller understanding what meditation really is, and how you can establish your own daily practice.

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30 days of ‘25 minutes per day costs €120 which works out at €4 for each day’s class.

  • Mindfulness Ireland

    Online Meditation Course

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Empower yourself and experience the benefits of a daily meditation practice.