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 Burren Yoga Retreat Ireland

Award winning Burren Yoga Retreats Ireland offer the best quality yoga retreats all year round.
En-suite bedrooms, organised outings, amazing vegetarian food, Irelands first yoga retreat since 1999.
Yoga weekends and week-long yoga retreat holidays on the West coast of Ireland.
One of the most inspiring wellness retreats.

Calendar of Retreats

Award-winning Burren Yoga Retreat Ireland offers week-long yoga retreats and also weekend yoga retreats on the West coast of Ireland all year round. We offer options to stay from 3 to 6 nights on our week-long yoga retreats.

Luxury Accommodation

Burren Bliss is our new state-of-the-art retreat center. With its expansive windows and light-filled rooms, it exudes a contemporary minimalist charm. Experience the harmonious ambiance of Burren Bliss as you embark on a transformative journey of well-being.

Gift Voucher

Give the gift of wellness with a Burren Yoga Retreat Gift Voucher. Valid for 5 years and applicable to any of our retreats, it’s the perfect gift for any occasion.

At our retreats, we pride ourselves on offering more than just exceptional yoga instruction. Our world-renowned vegetarian dishes, prepared by our talented chef, are celebrated for their exquisite flavors and nourishing qualities.

With a focus on caring for your body, mind, and soul, our retreat experience ensures that you are well taken care of by both our skilled yoga teachers and our culinary expert.


The Burren Yoga Retreat Ireland was founded with the vision to be suitable for complete beginners to yoga as well as for experienced practitioners.

Many people come here who are just curious about yoga and meditation and more interested in the outings in the Burren and the amazing vegetarian food.

Very experienced yoga practitioners also come as they are aware of the high calibre of our teachers, and we often have yoga teachers who attend the retreats themselves.

Many people come on their own as well as with friends or partners. Our retreats are a great way to meet like-minded people and make new friends.

Week-long Yoga retreats & weekend Yoga Retreats​

Award-winning Burren Yoga Retreat Ireland offers week-long yoga retreats and also weekend yoga retreats on the West coast of Ireland all year round. We offer options to stay from 3 to 6 nights on our week-long yoga retreats.

Meditation retreat​

We teach meditation on all of our yoga retreats, and our retreats are renowned for being the best meditation retreats in Ireland.

Immerse yourself in the profound practice of meditation during your blissful journey at our yoga retreats. Our commitment to providing exceptional meditation experiences has earned us the reputation of being the foremost destination for meditation retreats in Ireland.

Yoga and Meditation classes​

The quality of our yoga and meditation classes is the most important aspect of our retreats. We are also famous for the high standard and quality of our vegetarian food.
Our new luxury yoga retreat centre with en-suite bedrooms, dedicated massage therapy rooms and our glass-walled yoga studio overlooking the Burren hills is ‘the icing on the cake’.

Healthy adventure Activity weekend

Many people come here for a healthy adventure activity weekend and enjoy the hill-waling in the Burren hills with an experienced guided as much as yoga classes which all combine into a very healthy activity weekend break.

The organised hill-walking and other outdoor activities into the Burren hills and by the sea are great fun and a lovely way to socialise with like-minded people in a very safe environment.

These adventure activity weekends are a great way to kick-start your own daily practice when you get back home, and to bring healthy activities and healthy eating into your daily life.

Shay F Aug 2021
“What an amazing experience staying in Burren Yoga Retreat. Awesome yoga and mindfulness, a rejuvenating & calm environment, lovely day trips, great people, delicious food, all in all a week of serenity and calm, exactly what I needed. You will leave the Burren Yoga Retreat in a completely different mindset than you arrived. I will be back. Couldn’t recommend this place enough.” Shay F

Indulge in the harmonious blend of luxury and simplicity at our newly unveiled ‘State of the Art’ yoga retreat center. Discover the perfect haven to relax and unwind, where opulence meets serenity in the most seamless manner. Immerse yourself in the tranquil atmosphere, allowing your body and mind to find solace amidst the refined comforts and rejuvenating ambiance of our retreat center. Experience the ultimate escape where luxurious simplicity creates the ideal setting for your relaxation and well-being.

We are committed to providing you with the highest quality yoga and meditation retreat, with the best teachers, and to helping you to live life in the present moment.

Experience the best yoga retreat of your life, where our gifted teachers teach meditation as well as yoga, suitable for all levels from beginners to advanced.

Daily outings into the Burren hills and by the sea are an essential ingredient to our award-winning yoga retreat holidays.

We are famous for our amazing vegetarian food, and many people say they would come here for the food alone.

Discover your go-to place for exceptional wellness retreats in Ireland. Experience the transformative power of our retreats as attested by our satisfied guests. Don’t just take our word for it – click here to read more testimonials and independent reviews on Tripadvisor, and hear firsthand experiences of those who have embarked on a journey of well-being with us. Join our community of delighted retreat participants and see why we are the trusted choice for unforgettable wellness experiences in Ireland.