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Help us spread the word about our upcoming retreats

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Wellness retreat Ireland

 Help us spread the word

The Burren Yoga Retreat was founded in 1999 by yoga and meditation teacher Dave Brocklebank.

The centre was expanded in 2020 & 2021 to provide en-suite bedrooms, a beautiful glass walled yoga studio on the first floor with stunning views, dedicated massage therapy rooms and was tripled in size to provide this spacious luxury retreat centre.

The retreat centre relies on posters being put up in health food shops and health and fitness centres and also work-places and yoga studios around the country and also in other countries.

When you click the button below, it will download a high resolution image of the poster where you can see all the dates, and teachers names for our upcoming retreats.

After the poster is downloaded, you can ‘right click’ to print it out to your local printer.

A colour printer is best.

Could you put the poster up on one of the following suggested places?



  • Health Food Shop
  • Gym
  • Yoga Studio
  • Fitness or Pilates Studio
  • Physiotherapy or other Health practice
  • Your own work-place
  • Any other notice-board you think may work

 Friends of Burren Yoga Retreat

 Thank you for your support

The whole team at the Burren Yoga Retreat would like to thank you for helping to spread the word about the retreat centre.

This helps to build a beautiful community of like-minded people all interested in supporting the Burren Yoga Retreat to flourish and grow and for our retreats to provide support to many people in the future.

With Love and Thanks,