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Burren Yoga Ethos

Relax & Rejuvenate

 Love and dedication to provide

the best quality LUXURY retreat

The Burren Yoga Retreat is motivated to provide the best quality luxury health and wellness retreats with exceptional yoga and medtiation teachers, and the highest standard of vegetarian food in one of the most beautiful places in Ireland… The Burren.

Our ethos is to help our guests learn and deepen their yoga and meditation practice in a very warm and welcoming, enjoyable environment.

The Burren Yoga Retreat is committed to running our luxury health and wellness retreats in an environmentally sensitive way, ensuring that the environment of the Burren Geopark and our community are sustainably maintained.

Our retreats are designed to be suitable for complete beginners, as well as regular yoga practitioners.

We will give you the support and encouragement to bring these practices home with you to integrate into your daily life.

Claudia laughing group

Meditation and other practices to produce clearer states of consciousness are central to our retreats. 

In order to support this, we don’t take alcohol or anything else that could cloud our awareness during the retreats.  This includes when we have lunch at local places during our outings.

We are famous for the quality of our food, and the locally grown fresh organic ingredients which are balanced in a satvic way help us to feel great and to support our digestive and mental wellbeing. 

In keeping with our ethos, the new centre has been designed with well soundproofed rooms where you are guaranteed silence for a very restful sleep.  Black-out blinds, a choice of two types of pillows, hotel-quality mattresses, and Egyptian cotton bed linen are just part of the importance placed on getting a good night’s sleep.

Our retreats offer complete freedom from Digital devices.  

Phones are turned off (or airplane mode), the internet, news, and other distractions are left behind, and the resulting freedom is beneficial for a more light-hearted feeling and ability to be in the present moment.

We recommend that you take a complete digital detox.   

However, there is WiFi access in the upstairs lounge for emergency use.   If you need to use it, we ask you to be mindful of your fellow guests and their need for peace and quiet and lack of intrusion from the external world outside the retreat.

Guests come here for many different reasons, and sometimes to get away from a stressful life situation.

You can be sure of a very easy going friendly accepting environment, and you may choose whether to chat and socialise with the others on the retreat, or whether to take time on your own to either chill out at the centre, or to explore the area.

A place where you can come at any time of the year to relax and rejuvenate and just Be yourself.

There is a lovely friendly fun atmosphere on our guided outings, and this can be a great way to spend time in Nature which is like ‘food for the soul’.

Many people make very good connections with others on the retreat, and it is a lovely way to make new friends.

Hillwalking lady smiling

 An Experience to change your life

On top of the worls Abbey hill

During the retreat we encourage consideration and respect for everybody who is here, and there is a sense of community, consideration and fun within the group.

All classes, meals and outings are optional, and it is perfectly fine if you would like to spend some or more time just by yourself.

However, it is difficult to resist the enticing social aspect on our retreats.

Our vegetarian food is of the highest standards, and Dave hand picks very talented chefs to prepare our food with fresh locally sourced organic ingredients, and using creative ways to prepare our famous vegetarian food.

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