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 Flooded with natural light and amazing views

Burren Yoga Studio chosen

The most inspiring yoga studio flooded with natural light and designed according to sacred geometry.

It can feel as if you are practicing in the clouds… with amazing views from all 3 sides.

Watch the fluffy clouds lazily drift overhead through the huge roof windows.

Or lie back and watch the stars at night.

When you enter … you can feel the amazing energy.

 Warmed fresh air ventilation system

The massive sized dedicated Heat Recovery Air Ventialtion System sucks any stale air out of the yoga studio, and brings in warmed fresh air on a continous basis. 

Continual warmed fresh air in the safest yoga studio

breathe air 2

Breathe in the fresh air’   in our ‘State of the Art’ yoga studio.

 Breathe while surrounded by Nature



Sacred geometry brings about certain effects of healing, harmonizing and rebalancing on all levels. It connects the inner and outer, uniting all.

We have woven into this sacred geometry a huge amount of natural light.

There are ceiling to floor triple glazed super insulated windows on 2 full sides of the yoga studio, and another huge window on the 3rd side, all providing beautiful natural light and stunning views over the Burren hills.

We have 6 huge triple glazed windows in the roof providing views of the clouds drifting overhead, and the stars at night.

As throughout the whole centre, we have under floor heating in the yoga studio so you can lie on your mat and feel the warmth coming up through your body.

  Experience the Energy

Yoga Room Sri Yantra Orange Blue

Our yoga studio was designed according to sacred geometry.

Sacred Geometry exists all around us creating the fundamental structure and templates of life in the universe.

This ancient science is used to create the best possible energetic spaces for one’s spiritual and mental well-being.

The ancients considered the experience of Sacred Geometry to be essential to the education of the soul. These spaces are conducive to higher consciousness and self-awareness.

Sacred geometry amplifies our connection to spirit, and creates harmony within ourselves, and between ourselves and the outside world. It is often called “sacred architecture” because it underlies everything and is woven into the fabric of all creation.


 The perfect place to deepen your practice

The logo of the Burren Yoga Retreat represents the essence of the Transformation that can take place through yoga and meditation.

The practice of yoga and meditation is to bring about balance in Ida and Pingala channels allowing the energy to flow through Sushumna energy channel.

As Enlightenment dawns, this is represented by the blue Hung symbol.

The orange sun represents Pingala energy channel.

The yellow moon represents Ida energy channel.

Burren Yoga Retreat logo orange

May the Burren Yoga and Meditation Retreat

be dedicated to

the enlightenment of all sentient beings

Our gifted teachers will guide and inspire you to continue between 10 and 20 minutes a day practice when you return home.

This is the best way to bring the Simplicity back into your everyday life.

Unplug. Let go of the external world. Experience the Silence