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Any donation no matter how small is greatly appreciated

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Yoga retreat

Yoga teacher Dave Brocklebank founded the Burren Yoga Retreat with the vision to provide a very welcoming and high quality retreat centre that would be available all year round.

Many people have a lot of pressure and stress to deal with, and this centre provides a safe haven to come to take refuge, restore and regain some balance in your life.

The work to build and maintain the Burren Yoga Retreat is a labour of love, and only people who have been here know about the many sacrifices that have been made to get the centre to the luxurious standards that it provides today.


Guests come here for many different reasons, and sometimes to get away from a stressful life situation.

You can be sure of a very easy going friendly accepting environment, and we endeavour to provide retreats all year round so that the centre is available no matter whenever you need to take a retreat.

Your donation no matter how small will be used to help finance the continual upgrading of facilities at the Burren Yoga Retreat.



Group outside centre Aug 2021