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 Surrounded by The Burren

Early purple orchid Burren

Located in the legendary landscape of The Burren on the West coast of Ireland.

The Burren is all around us where there are 

  • Spectacular shaped limestone hills which are ideal for hill walking
  • The Burren wild flowers which include a range of 26 wild orchids as well as other wild flowers
  • The Atlantic ocean and Galway bay

 Rustic Grounds

Our recipe is Simplicity delivered with authenticity, passion, and love.

We work with the hazel wood and the natural surroundings, and the Burren rocks and have created very simple areas where you may sit and relax.

Our grounds are left reasonably wild and natural and are an extension of the natural landscape of the Burren.

Please do not expect a manicured garden or even any garden similar to a town house.

Enjoy the Natural Beauty of the Burren.

Grounds 01

 Picnic tables

Grounds 02

During the summer we sometimes eat outdoors.

This side of the centre is South West facing so gets good sunshine throughout the afternoon and evening. 


 Delays due to Covid

The building of our own house has been delayed due to Covid and is due to be completed in the next few months.

As a result some of the grounds have not been completed yet.

We spend a lot of our day from 11:15 am until late afternoon exploring the Burren, and that is where our real garden is 😉

Woman holds yoga mat

 See the surrounding burren

The views from the windows look onto the Burren hills.

Mullaghmore hill and lake