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 Spectacular landscape on the west coast of Ireland

Early purple orchid Burren

The Burren is an area of spectacularly shaped limestone hills, which plunge down into the Atlantic ocean on the west coast of Ireland.

The Burren is a UNESCO World Heritage Area 

It is famous for it’s wildflowers and botanists from all over the world come to the Burren to see the wide range of orchids as well as all the other wild flowers.

There are relatively few people living in the Burren and the landscape has not changed much in the past thousand years.

Pristine Burren natural landscapes, with Expansive horizons 

 Stunning Biodiversity

The wide range of wildflowers attracts many types of butterflies and insects which in turn support a wide range of bird life. 

The wild goats play an important part in the biodiversity and they keep down the scrub and hazel tress, so that the wild flowers can flourish during the Spring and Summer months.

The limestone hills heat up during the Summer months, and slowly emit their heat over the Winter months. 

Combined with the fresh warm air blown in over the Gulf Stream, this produces a very mild climate in Winter.   It is often 5 degrees warmer in the Burren than in Dublin during the Winter.

The Burren is the only place in Ireland where the farmers leave their cattle outdoors during the Winter.

The sea is noticeably warmer than the east coast, and many swimmers look forward to refreshing swims on our retreats.

Allow the Burren to Let your heart sing as we immerse ourselves in Nature on our organised outings.

Limestone erratic Purple orchids

 Beautiful Bird Song

Because of the wonderful biodiversity in The Burren there is a lovely variety of wild birds in the area.

There are many typoes of finches, tits, curlews and each year the Cuckoo comes to sing during April.




Listen to the Burren sounds and allow Nature to weave her magic. 

 Richness and variety of The Burren

Many guests are astounded by the spectacular scenery and the richness & variety that the Burren has to offer.

Abbey hill views Burren Yoga
The spectacular skies and the ever changing light attract many artists from all over the world.

There are lovely beaches for swimming as well as one of the Burren lakes just down the road from the Burren Yoga Retreat
where guests often go for an early morning swim.

 A place to relax and rejuvenate

The Burren limestone hills have an ancient feeling. 

There is a sense of peacefulness and the silence is very noticeable, especially to guests who live in the modern fast paced world. 

Spending time in the Burren, one feels peaceful and relaxed. 

The expansive horizons where one can see for miles brings about an exhilaration and a feeling of openness and freedom.  A sense of well being.

The Burren has a very slow easy going pace of life that is very conducive to a stress free type of living.

Allow the Burren to Let your heart sing as we immerse ourselves in Nature on our organised outings.


 You have to Be Here to feel it

Have you experienced the Burren yet?  

Unplug. Let go of the external world. Experience the Silence

 An experienced guide on your outings

It makes all the difference having an experenced guide with local knowledge who can take you to the special locations.