Seeking Host Guide

We are seeking someone to fill the role of Host – Guide to look after guests here at the yoga centre.

This position is with the Burren Yoga Retreat, which is located on the Galway Clare border near the seaside village of Kivara. 

Woman holds yoga mat

Work Description

The role includes welcoming and greeting guests, showing them around the retreat centre when they arrive, looking after them during their stay and taking them on hill walks.

This is a lovely positive retreat environment to work in.  It may particularly suit someone with previous hospitality experience who would enjoy working within this retreat environment.

The work is mainly weekend retreats until May and week-long retreats during the summer. 

Type of person that we are seeking

We are seeking someone to join our team who is

  • very positive-minded, hard-working, enthusiastic, and dynamic
  • reliable, self-motivated, and committed
  • nice presentable appearance and who is polite and caring
  • good communication skills and is sensitive and kind
  • very good with people, has good initiative, is adaptable and flexible
  • can stay calm and supportive, especially if a guest is having some difficulty or is stressed which rarely happens
  • intuitive understanding of tactful and supportive ways to respond to guests, and often this is simply listening
  • can notice what needs to be done, and just do it
  • fit and healthy, and well able for hill walking
  • not afraid to get hands dirty and help out with cleaning
Hill walking Burren hills

Previous work experience

Preferably someone who has previous experience in hospitality, or customer service or reception.

Have some yoga experience (or a willingness to learn about yoga) and understands the retreat environment.

Have some experience of hill walking or at least be enthusiastic to learn.

Must have a car and commit to the role for at least 1 year.


Depending on experience and to be discussed.

Accommodation and meals (breakfast and dinner) are provided.

Time Off

We suggest that during the summer months, you would work for 2 weeks back to back, and then take a week off.

But we are open to coming to other arrangements if you prefer.

Week-long retreats start Friday evening until the following Thursday afternoon.  Monday afternoon is off.  Thursday afternoon is off, and most of Friday is off until approx 4:00 pm

Until 13th May it is mainly weekends.

If you would like to keep a weekend free for yourself, we can arrange that ahead of time, and one of our team could cover those weekends you would prefer off.

How to Apply

Please send your CV to Dave at the email address in the footer of this page.

Please include as much information about yourself as possible, including your hobbies and interests.

Let us know why you think you would be a good candidate for the position.

Please include education details, as well as all work experience especially if this work was related to hospitality or dealing with people.

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