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 Spacious dining room with Large Round Tables

One of the very important ingredients on our retreats is our famous amazing vegetarian food.

We eat breakfast and dinner in the dining room.

There are also teas, coffees, and our chef’s home made fermented drinks as well as fruit and snacks available at all times in the dining room.

 Air Ventilation System

The new heat recovery air ventialtion system sucks out stale air, and brings in fresh air 24/7.

Enjoy the amazing vegetarian food in this very safe dining environment.

Amazing food cropped

 A lovely atmosphere of eating together

There is plenty of chatting and getting to know each other and what better way than while enjoying a lovely meal together.

 Teas, Coffee, and Siobhan's home made drinks

The dining room is open at all times for guests to come in and to help themselves.

A great way to meet like-minded people and make new social connections

Dining Darren 03
Best vegetarian food

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