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Special Booking Form

To Book, click Special Booking form to book part of a week-long retreat

 Please read the details below first.

This booking form is not to book a full retreat.

 When we have week-long retreats

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All of our week-long retreats start on Friday evening at 7:00 pm with dinner and finish at 12 noon on the following Thursday.

There are 2 exceptions to this;  The retreat 27th December – 2nd January and also the retreat 3rd – 9th January starts on a different day of the week each year.


You can see which dates that we have week-long retreats available by checking our Calendar of Retreats page.  

You will see displayed next to the week-long retreats “6 Nights Fri to Thurs or less”.

If you wish to book a full retreat, you do this from the Calendar of Retreats page linked above.

What you Can book

  • Book 2 or more nights on our week-long retreats
  • Arrive Fri, Sat, Sun or Mon
  • Depart on Sun, Mon, Tues, Wed or Thurs
  • Arrival time is between 5:00 and 7:00 pm


What is Not possible

  • Can’t book dates when we have no week-long retreats
  • Can’t book less than 2 nights
  • Can’t arrive Tues, Wed or Thurs
  • Can’t straddle retreats, unless booking more than 2 nights on both
  • Canot arrive before 5:00 pm unless you contact Dave for adjusted price

Enjoy the Luxury of the new State of the Art retreat centre.

 What rooms are still available?

To see which rooms are left

This will display what rooms are still available.

Any rooms that are booked already will be ‘greyed out’.

Please note that it may look like there are many places left but this can be deceptive.  We only take 18 people on each retreat, but we have many more room types available because we could sleep 30 people.

But we only ever take the first 18 people.

 The Best Experience & Pricing

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The booking system is unable to calculate the prices to attend ‘part of a week-long retreat’.   

Any prices displayed on the booking system when you book part of a week-long retreat are not correct.

The only place where you can see the correct prices to book part of a week-long retreat is in the section “Prices week-long retreats” on the page Pricing

 Special Booking Form

How to book

  • Make sure you select the correct arrival and departure dates
  • The booking form will show which rooms are available for these dates
  • Select the room your would like (Ignore the incorrect Prices)
  • Complete the rest of the Booking Form
  • Submit your booking request 

The special booking form will by-pass the payment section as it is unable to calculate prices.

Complete your booking

  • You should receive an online Stripe Invoice for the retreat fee within 4 hours (normal Irish working times) to the email address you used on the booking request.

  • You should complete this online payment within 24 hours to complete your booking.

  • When you complete your payment you will receive
    • a Confirmation of your booking
    • a list of things to bring with you
    • information about how to get here

Special Booking Form

To Book, click Special Booking form to book part of a week-long retreat



Come on your own, or with a friend

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