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Yoga has become quite widespread in Ireland over the past 10 years. So much so, that now there are yoga classes in many villages in rural Ireland, and most cities have at least one yoga centre, Dublin having many yoga centres.

But sometimes it is difficult to find the right yoga teacher for you in Ireland.

Sometimes a good idea is to ask in your local health food shop, to see what yoga teachers are teaching in your area, and find out what types of yoga they are teaching, what their qualificatiuons are, and how good of a yoga teacher are they reputed to be.

It is very important that you choose a teacher who has been practicing many years and who has completed a comprehensive yoga teacher training course.

There are many people in Ireland who have doen a short 2 week training course in India, and then they set themselves up teaching classes back home in Ireland.

Check with any yoga teacher their qualifications

When you come across a yoga teacher, please do check they have a good qualification and find out how many years they have been practicing.

It is good to ask

  • What type of yoga do they teach
  • Where (what organisation not just the country) did they complete their teacher training course
  • How many years did their teacher training take? (2 years recommended)
  • Do they attend a yoga teacher themselves nowadays on an ongoing basis? All genuine yoga teachers are constantly attending other teachers
  • How many years have they been practicing yoga. (Hopefully they have been practcing 4 years BEFORE they did their teacher training course)
  • Check with other yoga teachers what they are like

Unfortunately there is no overall governing body look after yoga, so there is no easy way to find out if the teacher is good or not.

Finding yoga classes in Ireland

You can use Google to search for “Yoga Ireland classes” or “Yoga classes Ireland” and then research what comes up.

Or if you like you can use the seach facility on the Burren Yoga website to find a teacher in your area.

Yoga classes Ireland search facility

Nowadays there classes in many rural villages and nearly all sizeable towns across the country.

In places like Dublin, Cork, Limerick and Galway, there are various classes to chose from.

Yoga teachers in Ireland

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