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This section of the website lists all yoga teachers divided into Counties within Yoga Ireland.

It also lists yoga teacher training in Ireland.

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Yoga Ireland

This contains the most complete list of all yoga classes and all yoga teachers in Ireland.

You can use this to help find yoga classes in any county in Ireland, and to find contact details of yoga Ireland teachers in your own area.

This Yoga Ireland resource is provided free of charge and we hope that this will help many people in Ireland to find yoga classes in their own area¬† and that it will help support the practice of yoga and meditation in many people’s lives.

The benefits of yoga and meditation are huge, and it is only after having practiced for some one time, that one begins to feel and to realize the deeper benefits that one had not even imagined could result from such a practice.

If you would like to see any more resources provided in our Ireland Yoga section, then please let us know.

I wish you well with your practice.


Best Wishes,



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