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Helping you find ClareYoga Classes

This Yoga Classes Clare resource is to help people living in the Clare area to find yoga classes near you.

We hope that the contact details for the yoga teachers below will help you to find yoga classes Clare.

Are you a Yoga Teacher ?

If you are teaching yoga classes in Clare or the surrounding area, and would like us to list your contact details, please fill in our “Yoga in Clare”      Yoga Teacher Register

Ashtanga inspired Vinyasa yoga retreat Ireland Margarida Tree
Burren Yoga Retreat - new yoga studio
Do you know a good Yoga Teacher in Clare?

If you know of other yoga classes Clare that are not listed, then please email us to let us know the teacher’s name, contact phone number and/or email address.

Especially if you know of a very good yoga teacher who is teaching yoga classes in the Clare area.

Find Yoga Classes Clare

Yoga teacher Dave Brocklebank who founded the Buren Yoga Retreat is providing this information to help you to find yoga classes in your own area in each county of Ireland.

Dave has dedicated his life’s work to provide quality yoga retreats in the Burren on the Galway Clare border. 

Yoga and Meditation are the most powerful and life changing practices he has come across, and he believes that the more people who practice yoga and meditation on a daily basis, the happier and more caring our society will be.

 We hope that this service helps you find yoga classes Clare.

Clare Yoga Classes

Please see contact details for yoga teachers to help you find yoga classes Clare.

Burren Yoga Studio Sept (3)
Burren Yoga Retreat - new yoga studio

We hope that you will consider booking one of our quality Yoga Retreats some time in the future.

Dave has hand-picked the highest calibre yoga and meditation teachers who give each person individualised attention.

Your practice will deepen over a weekend in this genuine yogic environment. 

It makes a big difference having consecutive classes with a very experienced teacher, and this can shape how your own practice will develop in the future.

See our Upcoming Yoga Retreats which are suitable for complete beginners as well as regular practitioners.

 Treat yourself to a yoga retreat

Yoga retreat Ashtanga inspired Vinyasa Ireland

Award winning Burren Yoga Retreat.

We run week long yoga retreats and also weekend yoga retreats.

Located in the legendary landscape of The Burren on the West coast of Ireland.

Quality Yoga Retreats where you will 

  • Have fun and discover new things
  • Enjoy social interaction with like minded people
  • Daily outings into the Burren hills and by the sea
  • Amazing vegetarian food by our talented chef
  • Luxurious facilities at our new ‘State of the Art’ retreat
  • Be brought to sample the best local cuisine
  • Learn new practices from our gifted teachers
  • Freedom and Peace of mind in our Digital Free Environment
  • A true escape from everyday life

Special ingredients to make this an unforgettable and possibly the best holiday of your life.

 Special places you would not discover by yourself

Hill walking Yoga weekends

 Finding the right yoga class in Clare ?

If you can’t find the yoga classes in Clare that you are looking for, then best to phone one of the yoga teachers listed below, who may be able to help you.

We hope that this resource will help you to find a yoga class in Clare, and that these classes will encourage you to establish your own daily practice of yoga and meditation.

Interested in Meditation?

Dave who founded the Burren Yoga Retreat has been practicing meditation since 1978 and has put all his experience into a 30 day online meditation course.

Please see more details by clicking on “30 day online meditation course




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Siobhan Shinnors
Louise O Connor
RYT 200
Hatha yoga
Paulette Egan
Flow yoga, all level
Eva Staiger
Gentle classes
Helen Rich
BWY Dip & pregnancy
Hatha, Pregnancy, Ge
Trea Heapes
KilNth Co. Dublin
Satyananda Yoga
Camilla O’Callaghan
Hatha yoga
Sara Cory
Core Strength Vinyas
Michelle Bradley
IHCA Tony Quinn
Marion Edler
Satyananda Yoga
Maura Broaders
Ennis/KilNth Co. Dub
IHCA Tony Quinn, Ki
Michelle Bradley
IHCA Tony Quinn
Atma Kripa
IYA & Satyananda
Satyananda & Vin Flow
Susie Naughton Shraddha
Satyananda Yoga
Clodagh Kelly
KRI level 1 Instruct
Kundalini & Meditation
Sara Cory
Green Lotus 220hr
Core Strength Vinyas
Karan Brennan Kalyana
Satyananda Yoga
Trish Cleary
Hatha yoga
Katie Bermingham
IHCA Tony Quinn