Yoga Teacher Training In Ireland

Yoga Teacher Training in Ireland

There are many different yoga teacher training courses in Ireland

Some are 2, 3 or 4 year long yoga teacher training courses.

Yoga and meditation is a huge body of knowledge and equally well it takes many years of practicing yoga and meditation in order for the transformation effects to take place on all levels of your being.

A word of advice if you are considering a Yoga Teacher Training Course


List of Yoga Teacher training courses in Ireland

I will update this section over the coming weeks to give an overview of these courses and also to list more yoga teacher training courses.

Recommended Yoga Teacher training courses

Click on the Blue YTTC name below to see further information on the recommended YTTC’s in Ireland.

Trng CourseLocationCourse DurationCourse Starts
Yoga Dublin Art of TeachingDublin3 blocks of 7 to 9 days eachFebruary 2018
Mandala Yoga AshramWales3 week-long & 13 w/eSummer 2015
Satyananda Yoga Teacher TrngGalway20 res w/es + two weeks over 2 yrsApr 2013
Ashtanga Yoga DublinDublinChoice 1 yr or 2 yrFeb 2014
Hot Yoga Dundrum, DublinDublin200 hourSept 2018
Irish Yoga Association IYADublin40 w/es over 4 yrs, 3 of which are resSept 2013
Advanced Teacher TrngDublinTen 4-day modules over 1 yearFeb 2015 start later if preferred


Other Yoga Teacher training courses


Trng CourseLocationCourse DurationCourse Starts
Yoga Therapy Ireland YTIDublin20 w/es, 2 of which are res over 2 yrs
Yoga Therapy & Trng Ctr YTTCDublin15 days and 4 w/es over 6 mthsFeb 2013
Yoga Therapy & Trng Ctr YTTCLisburn15 days and 4 w/es over 6 mthsOct 2012
The Yoga Room Teacher TrngDublinFour 5-day mods + 1 w/e over 8 mthsMar 2013
Ashtanga Yoga Teacher TrngDublin10 w/es over 1 yearJan 2013
The Elbow Room Teacher TrngDublin12 w/es over 14 mthsMar 2013
Yoga Fellowship of Nth Ireland2 Saturdays per month over 2 yrs
Kundalini Yoga Teacher TrngCork9 w/es over 10 mthsJan 2012
Ard Nahoo Yoga SchoolLeitrim12 w/e + one 5-day res over 10 mthsOct 2012
Vinyasa Flow Yoga TrngDublin12 w/es over 12 mthsOct 2013
Yoga Sacred SpaceWicklow11 w/es over 1 yearMay 2011
Green LotusGalway
Himalaya Yoga Valley TrngCork1 MonthAug 2012
Yoga Diploma CourseCork2 w/es per month over 1 yearSep 2012
Dru Yoga teacher TrngEnniskillenw/esMar 2013


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