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Yoga improves more than fitness

Yoga is a very broad body of knowledge which is over 5,000 years old.

It is traditionally described in terms of 8 limbs which are

  • Physical postures (which most people are aware of)
  • Breathing practices
  • Mind focusing techniques
  • Freeing the mind from the senses
  • Moral code
  • Getting to Know thyself and be content within oneself
  • Meditation
  • Bliss which defies description


Nowadays many forms of yoga practiced in the West, mainly deals with physical postures, with possibly some breathing practices, a little mind focusing and if you are extremely lucky, the correct form of Meditation.

For more information on which type of yoga could suit you best, please see Which yoga retreats are gentler and which stronger



Please note that many teachers say they teach Meditation, when in fact they are simply leading students into guided visualisations, or relaxation techniques.

Fitness through yoga

Yoga works on many different layers of your being.

Even on the physical level, it not only stretches and tones muscles, but it also works on your internal organs and also the endocrine system. It removes stale blood and toxins which can build up around the body and even within these organs, and replaces it with nutrient and oxygen rich fresh blood.

The Asanas (physical postures) often constrict the body as one bends up, or twists, putting pressure on these internal organs and giving them a good massage.

In addition to the physical pressure, one also directs one’s awareness inwards, and this helps direct the higher mind, and more subtle energy flows to these internal parts of the body.

Thus, through yoga, not only does one improve how one’s body looks and feels, one actually is working much deeper to improve one’s health and the optimal functioning of one’s internal organs and endocrine system.

This influences how we feel, our moods, our energy levels and in general influences our happiness.

More information at Benefits of Yoga

No Fitness equipment required

One of the benefits of practicing yoga is that one does not need any fitness equipment. All you need is yourself, a small floor area, and preferably a yoga mat.

Health and Fitness through yoga

One great way to learn yoga is to go to visit a reputable yoga centre which have genuine yoga teachers who live the talk.

And if you would like to put fitness first in your life, why not consider practicing a little yoga each day?

This can be a lot easier than trying to attend fitness centres, or the gym, when you can fit in your yoga practice without leaving your own home, at any time of the day or night that you like.

Fitness and Wellbeing Holidays

Fitness Holidays

Or you could consider treating yourself to a 7-day or weekend course at the Burren Yoga and Meditation Centre where you could learn quality yoga to improve your health and fitness.

You can see a full list of upcoming yoga retreats at Calendar of upcoming Yoga Holidays