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One of the important aspects of a Yoga and Wellness Holiday is the location.

The location of the Burren on the west coast of Ireland is very tranquil and peaceful, and we have guided outings into the Burren hills and by the sea on all of our yoga and wellness holidays.

These wellness holidays run all year round and are suitable for complete beginners.


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Improve heath through Yoga and Wellness Holiday

The Burren Yoga and Meditation Centre run weekend and 6 day long yoga and wellness holiday courses all year round.

Some of these courses are suitable for complete beginners; some are suitable for people who are completely unfit and for all ages.


Other courses are more dynamic, and are suitable for those already practicing yoga.

All courses are ideal to improve your health and wellness through yoga and meditation.


Relaxation in Nature is like food for the soul

An important difference to time spent in a London Leisure centre is that as part of our yoga retreats, we organise outings each day into the Burren. An important aspect of these holidays is to enjoy the naturalness and unspoilt beauty of nature and to experience a deep relaxation which is nourishing to all levels of our being.


And nowadays one of the most important ways of looking after your health, is to learn ways to relax, let go of thoughts and also safe and enjoyable learn to bring exercise and yoga into your daily life.


Satyananda says that
“Relaxation is essential in everyone’s life. It is a release of tension in both the mind and body for a period of time to allow complete rest and revitalization. This is the whole reason to sleep, but because of the tension filled lives that most people now lead in the daytime, sleep no longer refreshes us sufficiently.”

Relaxation is a state where the body and mind are in a state of rest. The parasympathetic system is activated and this helps many of the body’s systems and functions slow down.


Healthy yoga wellness break

All our courses are an ideal way to improve your wellness and your health, and they all include time spent walking in the Burren hills or by the sea, appreciating Nature and also visiting some of the local attractions such as the Ailwee caves, the hermit’s cave and many other places.

These yoga wellness courses are an ideal opportunity to go to take a break from your everyday life, and also to take time to look after your health and fitness.

Most people come on their own, and all our courses are limited to 15 people. It is very easy to get to know others and the atmosphere is friendly, informal and relaxed.

The location is in one of the most beautiful magical locations in Ireland. The Burren Yoga and Meditation Centre is a remote yoga centre on the west coast of Ireland, where there are little or no people living in the surrounding area, where you are surrounded by Nature and spend time out in the surrounding countryside each day…. the benefits you receive are much deeper and longer lasting.


Our yoga holday breaks in the Burren Yoga and Meditation Centre on the West coast of Ireland range from very gentle yoga courses to very strong and energetic yogas courses.

We also offer Gentle yoga and Healthy Detox courses, and also courses on Vegetarian cooking.

Yoga and Wellness Ireland

Choose the right health and wellness yoga course for you

It is a good idea to take the time to choose the right type of yoga for you, especially if you have never practiced yoga before.


There are some very good guidelines to help you decide at
What type of yoga is best for me ?

Techniques to relax for your wellbeing

Satyananda says “Modern man needs to know systematic techniques that specifically induce relaxation”.

Relaxation techniques start by taking your consciousness away from emotionally charged thoughts and directing it to activities that are emotionally neutral such as awareness of your breath or different parts of your body. It is almost impossible for anyone to remain or to become tense and angry when their attention is directed towards their big toe.

Yoga is good for your health and wellness

Some of the effects that occur during relaxation within a yoga class are as follows;

  • Heart rate slows
  • Breathing rate deepens, slows and becomes rhythmical
  • Blood pressure decreases
  • Muscle tension reduces
  • Vital organs and the body in general are replenished


There are many other physical affects, and these are usually accompanied by a pleasurable good feeling state.

The benefits of relaxation include

  • Increased depth achieved during meditation
  • Increased likelihood in experiencing psychic abilities
  • Improved peace of mind
  • Improved health and ultimately happiness
  • Creative insights & breakthroughs


Weekend overnight stay to improve your wellbeing

The Burren Yoga and Meditation Centre offers over 40 weekend healthy holiday breaks each year.

There is a full list of upcoming retreats at Calendar of Yoga Retreats

Wide range of people, men and women and all ages

To get a good idea of the people who come on our courses to improve their wellness, health and well-being, please see Type of people who come

Weekend wellness yoga workshops

The Burren Yoga and Meditation Centre is the perfect place to practice yoga and to have a wellness relaxation break or wellness health holiday.

We are the only yoga wellness centre in Ireland to cater from Complete beginners to Advanced, to offer all forms of yoga, and provide over 40 quality residential courses all year round.

Opened in 1999, we ensure that we use only the most experienced and committed teachers on our yoga Retreats.

We have 3 short 6 minute videos at Burren Yoga wellness Movie clip