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The Burren is located on the Wild Atlantic Way on the west coats of Ireland.


Retreat Holidays on the Wild Atlantic Way


The Burren is a spectacular unspoilt landscape on the west coast of Ireland located in County Clare, with a smaller section inside County Galway.

It is comprised of spectacular shaped limestone hills which plunge down into the Atlantic ocean.

The Burren is about 50 km by 25 km in area running along the west coast of Ireland starting at the picturesque seaside village of Kinvara and running down through Ballyvaughan, Black Head, Fanore beach to Doolin.

Burren National Park

Much of the Burren is protected and the Burren National Park has the highest protection of any area within the Burren.

It is famous for it’s unique range if wildflowers, ancient archaeology, breath-taking geological features, and many internationally known places such as the Cliffs of Moher, the traditional music location of Doolin where one catches the ferry to the Aran Islands,  the Aillwee caves and many more.

There are lovely walking trails in the Burren Nationals Park and we have guided outings on all our eco yoga retreats which take you for walks on these trails.

 Burren Smokehouse

The Burren Smokehouse is another very well know attraction located in Lisdoonvarna.  The Burren Smokehouse has a visitors centre where you can taste the Burren Smoked salmon.  There is also a wide range of other food which is showcased at the Burren Smokehouse.


The Burren in County Clare

Dave Brocklebank chose The Burren in County Clare as the ideal location to come on an Eco Yoga Retreat to get away from the outside world.  These retreats  immerse oneself in an uplifting experience of having the best quality yoga and meditation instruction, enjoying guided visits to local attractions, doing outdoor activities in The Burren and by the sea and enjoying the best of vegetarian meals.

There are very few villages within the Burren and most of the area is protected, so there are very few houses and it is now almost impossible to get planning permission for any new houses.

The Burren Ireland

It is uplifting and refreshing to explore this relatively uninhabited countryside which has hardly changed over the previous million years.

The Burren is often described as a lunar landscape as it feels like it is like nowhere else on Earth.

The Burren Ireland is one of the most special places in Ireland and has a history that is steeped in tradition all the way back to the early settlers and Poulnabrone dolmen which is over 5,000 years old.


Burren and Cliffs of Moher Geopark Status

In 2011  The Burren and the Cliffs of Moher was awarded Geopark status by UNESCO.

The award was given in recognition for the network of specific sites of geological interest, (geosites) the existing Burren Ecotourism Network, and association of education and conservation organisations – and a very busy annual calendar of community-based events and activities.

Director of BurrenLife Dr Brendan Dunford –
“I would hope that this designation would inspire better protection and better education about the Burren,”

“We already know the Burren’s rich archaeological heritage and this award only highlights the need to look after this special landscape.”

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