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Detox and yoga course

An excellent weekend course to take the time to cleanse the system, to eliminate toxins and to prepare for the new year ahead.

Weekend detox diet

During the weekend, we will be following a modified fast, where we will be eating very lightly, mainly vegetables and fruits.


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Prepare your diet for Detox course

The reduction of toxins begins as soon as you start gradually cutting out certain foods and toxins from your diet.

We recommend that you gradually reduce your intake of the following in the days leading up to the weekend :

Processed foods, tinned and frozen foods, salt, sugar, alcohol, tea, coffee, cigarettes, red meat, eggs, bread, cakes, biscuits. Fried foods, butter and margarine.

If you can, try to increase your intake of vegetables (raw and lightly cooked), and whole grains such as brown rice.

This preparation will help your system to adjust to the modified fasting, to gain maximum benefit from it, and will reduce the possibility of headaches, tiredness and other unpleasant symptoms.

Detox diets can still be tasty

Although the food on the weekend is excellent for detoxing your system, it is also very tasty and you will learn how to gradually modify your own diet at home to become more healthy.

Learn about raw foods, juicing, sprouting and food combining

On the course, as well as detoxing your system, you will also learn about raw foods, how to prepare them, where to purchase them, how to combine them.

You will also learn about juicing vegetables and fruits. As well as tasting the juices, you will learn about which vegetables combine well together, and which you should avoid eating together.

Sprouting seeds and pulses is a great way to release the prana filled goodness which often lies dormant in these foods.

Yoga classes on Detox retreat

There will be gentle yoga classes to help stretch and open up the body, breathing practices to help energise the system, and yoga nidra relaxation to fully unwind in between talks on nutrition, seed and pulse sprouting, food combining, preserving natural enzymes, and usaleful advice on healthy but enjoyable eating.

There is also an organised outing on Saturday and depending on the weather and the group will either be a walk in the Burren hills or by the sea.

If you smoke, could this weekend be just the opportunity you need to cut it down or even cut it out?

You may well decide to continue with the modified fast for a few days after the weekend, and we can offer advice on this.

We hope that the weekend will inspire you to evolve your own balanced long-term lifestyle plan.

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