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Health and Fitness through Yoga

Yoga works with your body, your mind, and all levels of your being.

It improves your health and fitness by working on the many multi layers of your being.

Yoga is a very broad body of knowledge which is over 5,000 years old.


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It is traditionally described in terms of 8 limbs which are

  • Physical postures (which most people are aware of)
  • Breathing practices
  • Mind focusing techniques
  • Freeing the mind from the senses
  • Moral code
  • Getting to Know thyself and be content within oneself
  • Meditation
  • Bliss which defies description

Health Care

Yoga Asanas (postures) work with your physical body; the muscles, spine, your posture, breathing, internal organs and the endocrine system.

Stagnant blood and often toxins build up in many parts of the body, particularily in people who lead more sedentary lives.

Yoga postures put pressure on the internal organs and glands, squeezing out stale blood and toxins and as one comes out of the posture, replacing this with freshly oxygenated blood and nutrients.

Many of the postures put additonal demand on the heart and the lungs and continued daily practice gradually strengthen these organs over time.

So much of Yoga’s strengths lie in preventing possible future illness and also in increasing one’s health and optimal functioning of the body and mind.

Alternative health

Many people are now taking responsibility for their own health and looking after their own bodies through regular exercise, health diets and more broader and deeper practices like yoga and meditation.

And some people are not satisified at preventing sickness, but are now considering what they need to do to produce optimal health levels.

Why be satisfied with just preventing sickness, when you can aim to be more fully alive, vibrant and happy.

Health and Beauty

Many people have found that by practicing yoga and meditation, not only does their health and mental outlook improve, but that they start feeling better about themselves, and feel more beautiful, and in time others find them more beautiful.

And one thing which has helped this, is that many people in the media limelight, such as pop stars and actors are devoting a lot of time towards their own health and beauty by practicing yoga and meditation.