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Health Spa Centre Ireland

Yoga, healthy detox vegetarian food, outdoors walks in the Beautiful Burren hills and by the Atlantic ocean. And full body massage, either relaxing and therapeutic, or sports injury massage. Or Reiki treatments.


One great way to give your health and well being a boost, is to treat yourself to a yoga weekend at the Burren Yoga and Meditation Centre.

Or even better, a 6-day course during the Summer, Christmas, New Year, or Easter.

Spa Break

Many people think of a spa break as simply being a pamper me weekend.

However, a more longer lasting spa break results when you go on a weekend that teaches you the skills to learn how to relax, to improve your own health and wellness through a simple daily practice of yoga and meditation.

Spa breaks suitable for all ages

Some of our courses teach very gentle yoga and relaxation while others are quite strong and dynamic and more suitable for younger people.

So it is important to choose which type of yoga course you book onto.

Some people are young, some are in their sixties, we have had a few 14 year olds with their mum, and a granny in her seventies who would put us all to shame.


Most people are in their 30’s or 40’s or 50’s.



Some people are over weight, not fit, and chose a more gentle weekend where the yoga is less strenuous. These weekends include more gentle stretches, breath work and relaxation techniques, a few stronger postures to present a challenge without any pressure on anyone to keep up with anyone else in the class.


Some are yoga practitioners who value the chance to attend a good quality 6 day retreat at the Burren Yoga and Meditation Centre.

For more information on which type of yoga could suit you best, please see Which yoga retreats are gentler and which stronger

No competition

People work at their own pace, and every student is treated as an individual working at where they are at, and surmounting the goals and progress that can be expected at their stage and age and fitness.

All ages


Weekend Spa Break

One can take a weekend spa break at any time of the year at the Burren Yoga and Meditation Centre.

During the summer we run 6 day yoga spa breaks, but if one prefers, it is possible to signup for the weekend only on any of these longer spa breaks.

Our weekend spa breaks begin on Friday at 7:00 pm with dinner and finish on Su day at 2:00 pm after lunch. All the food is vegetarian and cooked by Paddi the chef who used to run Seventh Heaven restaurant in Galway city for over 12 years.

Spa deals

Many of our visitors come back time and time again, so we have introduced a spa deal where any of our regular visitors who recommend their friends to come, receive a 10% discount of their next course here.

More information at Spa deal discount

Spa Holidays

During the summer we run yoga spa holidays which begin on Friday at 7:00 pm with dinner and finish the following Thursday at noon.

These spa holidays are a lovely combination of

  • daily yoga and meditation classes
  • healthy delicious vegetarian meals
  • guided outings into the Burren hills and by the sea for
    • hills walks
    • walks by the sea
    • surfing
    • kayaking
    • sailing
    • swimming
  • accommodation at the beautiful Burren Yoga and Meditation Centre


More information about our outdoor activities at Healthy Spa Activities

We also run 6 day spa holidays at Christmas, New Year and Easter.




Spa Hotels

Over the past few years there are many Spa Hotels now offering ‘pamper you’ treatments which they have added on to their usual hotel offers.

One difference between a spa hotel and the Burren Yoga and meditation Centre spa experience, is that we only have a maximum of 15 people on each of our spa breaks, and it is a lovely environment to be with like minded people within a healthy environment.

At some of the spa hotels you may be eating dinner next to others who are having wine and heavy food, while you are attempting to improve your health and wellbeing.

Weekend break

When we live such busy lives, it is very good to take a weekend break every now and then. These weekend breaks give us time to step back from our busy lives, and to immerse ourselves withion a genuine healthy environment.

Within the healthy environment, where you are surrounded by other who are also interested in taking a break and to learn new techniques for health and wellness, it is easy to let go of the outside world and to enjoy the peace and quiet of the Burren and to learn new techniques which you can bring home with you.

These techniques which you can practice at home yourself, are very empowering and put the ability and the responsibility into your own hands for looking after your own health and wellbeing on an ongoing basis.

Health and Wellness

Yoga and meditation are excellent techniques to learn to look after your health and wellness.

But it is important to choose the right type of yoga for your age and level of fitness.

Some forms of yoga are very gentle, others are very strong. So its important to read about the different types before you decide which one is best for your health and wellness.

For more information on which type of yoga could suit you best, please see Which yoga retreats are gentler and which stronger

Health Spa Centre weekend

The different types of yoga that we teach at our health spa centre include

Health and beauty Spa Centre Ireland

The best way to look beautiful is to feel it from within.

So rather than just going to a Health Spa and getting yourself pampered by a facial make over, or getting covering over blemishes to make you look better, why not go a little deeper and learn some life transforming practices like yoga and meditation.

One’s health and beauty begins to shine as one takes up a daily practice of yoga and meditation.

In Ireland’s most reputable yoga centre you can easily learn some of these practices which are suitable for your levels of fitness, health and age, no matter what age or what level of fitness you are at right now.

Health spa weekend

Or you could consider improving your health and fitness by attending one of our fun health spa weekends at the Burren Yoga and Meditation Centre.

One advantage over normal health spa’s is that we do not pamper our guests.

We teach our guests to look after themselves.

So in time, you practice each day, and don’t feel that you need to attend a health spa on a regular basis.

However, you may like to come back and treat yourself from time to time 😉

Health Spa Centre Massage and treatments

Maybe you would like to book a full body massage as part of your stay here at the Burren Yoga and Meditation Centre.


Massage can be deep and releasing, or smooth, gentle and flowing. You should ask for which style you prefer at the time of the treatment.

The massage therapists are fully qualified and are of very high standard that one would expect at the most professional of health spa centres.

Health Spa Centre Massage and Treatments

Health and Fitness spa centre

One thing that we place great importance on is that one takes responsibility for oneself. One begins to look after one’s one health and fitness, and to look after what one eats, and begins to learn more about preparing one’s own food, or at least choosing our the right food for oneself.