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The Burren Yoga and Meditation Centre run weekend and week long yoga courses all year round.

The week long courses include accommodation and treatments such as massage, aromatheraphy, relaxation, breathing, sea walks to help improve your health, fitness, provide toning and vegetarian food to aid slimming and help lose weight

Experience the best of Yoga instruction within the stillness and tranquillity of the Burren on the West coast of Ireland.




Weekend introduction courses on Satyananda Yoga (gentle, breathing, deep relaxation) and also on Hatha Yoga, Ashtanga and Iyengar.

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Treat yourself to a weekend or a week away in the Burren in the beautiful Burren Yoga and Meditation Centre.

Good things and bad things about Health Spa’s and Health Farm holidays

Spa’s and Health Farms often pamper you a little bit too much so that you don’t really change after being there for the weekend

Ok it’s a great weekend and you feel great. But all in all, your life continues on in much the same way on Monday after the weekend, as where you left on on Friday before heading away.

Yoga courses sometimes can be an inspiration to change one’s life.


The course instructors are highly qualified and come from all over the world.

The centre is well known among Irish Yoga practitioners and most Yoga teachers in the country know about it and many have commented on its excellence and inspiration it brings to others.

The accommodation at the centre is in rooms of 2, 4 or 6 people sharing. There are 3 single rooms and 1 double room. There are also local B&B’s and a hotel. More details Accommodation at the centre

Click here to read comments from other teachers and from previous course participants Comments from previous courses

Warm homely atmosphere Yoga Health farm holiday

The atmosphere is warm, friendly and relaxed.

The Burren Yoga and Meditation Centre has a team of highly qualified and dedicated teachers in various types of yoga including Hathya Yoga (Asthanga and iyengar) and Satyananda yoga.

If you would like to

  • improve your flexibility
  • tone your body
  • improve your posture
  • improve your breathing
  • strengthen your back
  • learn how to relax
  • learn techniques for stress reduction
  • improve your breathing
  • learn how to meditate
  • improve your peace of mind
  • deepen your inward journey

then why not consider a weekend Introduction course at the Burren Yoga and Meditation Centre.

Tripadvisor Awards of Excellence

Burren Yoga Retreats have won the Tripadvisor award of excellence for 5 years in a row.  More details at

Tripadvisor Awards and Testimonials

Yoga for living alterntive to Health Farm break

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Please be aware that there are many different forms of yoga and some of these may not be what you are looking for.

If you are considering a break or a health farm farm weekend, why not consider a yoga weekend which will work much deeper and have longer lasting effects.

If you would like a gentle start, and you may not be as young as you would like to be, or as fit as you could be then possibly you should consider an introduction to Satyananda yoga. This form places the emphasis on inner awareness, and includes breathing practices, physical postures and relaxation techniques and also meditation.

If you are under 40 and are quite fit already, or if you would like to experience a stronger more dynamic form of yoga, and are more interested in the physical benefits such as flexibility and toning rather than the more meditative aspects of Yoga then maybe you should try Asthanga or Iyengar.

Asthanga is a strong physical form of yoga and is quite vigorous and gives the body an excellent physical workout.

Iyengar yoga is also quite strong but not as dynamic as Asthanga. It is also good for flexibility, improving strength and toning.

If you are not sure which one would be most appropriate for you why not ask Dave Brocklebank who is a Satyananda yoga teacher and runs the centre.

Or read What type of yoga is best for me ?

Please e-mail any of your friends and let them know about this website. They may want to go with you on one of the weekends if they knew about the centre.

For more information on which type of yoga could suit you best, please see Which yoga retreats are gentler and which stronger

Best Wishes, Dave