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Become a model Galway

Are you thinking to become a model Galway and trying out modelling or are you an amatuer model looking for experience?

Becoming a model Galway can take a lot of time and effort.

There are Modelling Agencies in Galway but some are quite expensive and the proces of training with them can take a lot of time.

And during which time, you still may not be sure whether you enjoy modelling.

One of the good modelling agencies Galway is Catwalk Models.

One way that you can find out whether you would like to work as a model is to try out some photoshoots with a good photographer, but these can also be expensive and many photographers prefer models who are already trained and have experience.

Try out modelling

The easiest way to try out modelling is to do a work exchange.

Find a photographer who is ok to work with an inexperienced model so that they can have fresh photos to help promote their own business.  And they will give you copies of the photos so that you can build up your portfolio.

 More information at Model photoshoot Galway

Model Photoshoot no experience needed

The photos are used to promote the Burren Yoga Retreat.

Very easy yoga poses in the stunning yoga studio, and no prior yoga experience is needed.

Some of the photos will be in the other rooms in the retreat centre or in the grounds around the yoga centre.

We are seeking all ages, male and female and the photoshoot is a great way for you to get experience and also new photos for your portfolio.

More information at  starting modelling Galway

Send some sample photos

If you are interested, please email Dave a few sample photos of yourself;  couple of head shots, and also full body photos, and your contact details.

Dave’s contact details are in the footer of the website, or on the contact page.