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Report Kanta Barrios August 2011

(photos will be added soon to this page)


Some of the photos are from other courses, as we did not have cameras each day, and there was no intrusion in yoga classes to take photos

Give yourself the gift of retreat – the space to refresh, rejuvenate & celebrate the Spirit of Life

Kanta’s message after the course

Kanta – “Every retreat that I’ve had at the Burren Yoga & Meditation Centre has been truly magical experience. The centre is surrounded by the most incredible sights in nature – the air, the sky, the magnificent landscape, every single leaf and flower, touches your heart.

The photo below is taken from the hill beside the centre, and the Burren Yoga and Meditation Centre is nestled between the trees.


The beach is 10 minutes drive from the centre.


Father Ted’s house is beside one of the beautiful and special hills that we climb called Mulloughmore.


Kanta – I’ve simply fallen in love with this country all over again!

Every moment is a gentle reminder to pause, to look around, feel and experience the beauty and splendor that surrounds us. You can simply let go and dive into the brilliance of the Heart.

I’ve also made some wonderful new friends at the Burren Yoga and Meditation Centre. We’ve shared some good laughs and great moments together – enjoyed gorgeous meals, went for breathtaking walks and exciting hikes, visited charming tea rooms, beautiful historical sites around the Burren and we even had the chance to hit the waves and went surfing!


The combination of the outdoor activities in the Burren, the amazing vegetarian food by Paddi the cook, and the yoga and meditation classes in the beautiful yoga room brings a brightness and a wonder to every moment of the day.

Our Yoga and Meditation practice became deeper as the days went by. Each day we felt & connected deeper to the stillness within breath, the strength within our bodies, inspired our minds, and felt a genuine connection to the Heart.


It is a beautiful, fun and inspiring week of fun and self discovery.

I would love for you to come and join us this coming September 2nd – 8th. Details of this coming week can be seen at

Come and join us for a week on wonderful yoga at the Burren Yoga and Meditation Centre where your heart will sing with joy,


and we can have many adventures’ as Dave takes us to many special places that are hidden in the Burren and are a lovely way to connect with Nature.” – message by Kanta

Report by Grainne who attended Kanta’s course

Grainne – “Having set off from Galway on a short journey to the Burren Yoga & Meditation Centre, I found myself slowly letting go of my everyday life thoughts in order to partake in the week long retreat without obstructions of the mind. I did not have any expectations of the Centre as such, my visit was more of intrigue, interest & an intention to develop my meditation practice.


On first arriving at the Centre and making my way to the front door I could sense lovely energies and a beautiful feeling of tranquility. I was greeted and welcomed by Dave in a professional yet really warm manner. This was to be my “home” for the coming few days and I was reassured by Dave that it would be what I would want it to be.

The lounge is upstairs and is a lovely place to relax and out one’s feet up.


The location of the Burren Yoga and Meditation Centre is magical and the view from this lounge looks onto the spectacular Burren hills.


Just outside the lounge is a small area for reading and Dave has a nice collection of Yoga and Buddhist books and also books about the Burren, it’s flowers, local history to browse through during our stay.


The feeling of peace and tranquility is lovely and one feels at home right away.


Shortly after my arrival the other course participants began arriving also and so far so good – everyone was friendly, excited and enthusiastic. We did not have very long to wait before our first meal was served by “Paddi”; the Burren Yoga’s en site fabulous chef, serving nothing but delicious organic, vegetarian meals.

Over dinner people got to know each other and small talk was soon overcome by laughter. It was now beginning to feel like home for everyone one of us!!


Friday evening after dinner, we take part in developing Karma Yoga by washing up and keeping the common areas neat and clean.


This is explained in detail on the website so people arriving at the course know that this is expected and encouraged here after. A rota is done up on arrival where everyone slots their name on a particular day(s), usually consisting of about 2 hours per week long course.


Later that evening Dave and Kanta brought us to the practice room and introduced us to the course & gave us a detailed description of what the week involved.

We were asked to put forward any questions & thoughts which both Dave & Kanta answered professionally allowing us to be confident that the course was every bit as great as we had heard.

It is obvious that this centre has been running residential yoga courses for over 10 years, and everything is well organized and runs very smoothly. It seems like the perfect balance of being organized yet being relaxed with plenty of space for fun and laughter and just ‘being oneself’.

Kanta then met with each of the participants individually for a few minutes afterward to get to know us a little better and to find out about any injuries, areas we wanted to work on, our expectations and intentions for the week. This I found very good because people go on retreats all the time for so many different reasons, some very simple but others use it as an escapism and these few minutes with Kanta allowed us to put our trust in our teacher which is very important in the practice of Yoga.

That evening Kanta began with a gentle meditation class in a comfortable seated position; which is more challenging than it sounds!!


To finish off our evening at approx 10pm, we were led into a restorative posture using props to maximize complete relaxation and finally taking Shavasana.


Afterward people quietly made their way to bed or some stayed having tea and chats. It was so peaceful and the power of meditation had us feeling very at ease with ourselves and the others.

The next few days were simply wonderful with each morning starting with seated meditation


followed by asana practice.

Some of the postures were nice and gentle, allowing us to open up on all levels.


And gradullay as our bodies became more used to the practice


Kanta began to take us deeper. She was very encouraging with her words, and took very good care to make sure that nobody was challenged beyond their own limits.


As the week progressed, Kanta also included some back bends, hip openers, inversions and restorative postures over the course of the week.




Kanta has a lovely gentle nature, and one cannot help but be inspired by her enthusiasm and her love for yoga.


Kanta took some people deeper into postures, and always made sure that everyone felt comfortable.


We explored the breath and Kanta explained to us about Pranayama and its usefulness.


She also described the spirals within our bodies and concentrated on getting the correct alignment from our foundation right through to the crown of our heads- who needs a chiropractor!!


As the participants varied greatly in strength, experience, flexibility and stamina we each worked to our own capabilities and Kanta respected this and therefore taught a well rounded class to suit everybody.


After a few days it was great to feel how each one of us progressed at our own pace.


And the feeling after the morning class was bright and full of energy and enthusiasm for the full day which was to follow.

During the classes, Kanta planted beautiful seeds of wisdom which uplifted our hearts and made us realize how we are all connected together.

As Kanta says … ” We are all forms of the One Consciousness…. the one light shining within us.

As we go inwards deeply and get in touch with our heart energy, we become aware of our own uniqueness, and how we all have taken form in our own unique way. And as we we start recognizing the uniqueness within each one of us, we also see the unity and how our hearts are joined as One.”Just beautiful.

Breakfast was served at 10am and then Dave would let us know which location we were going to and what the options were for that day’s outdoor activities.


The outings included walks through the Burren,






in a forest, along some beautiful beaches with Galway Bay in our sight,



surfing-for those who dared!!

Each day was different and an adventure and Dave used his local knowledge and experience to ensure the group were getting the best. This included delicious lunches in various Restaurants, Bars & Tea Rooms.

Due to Dave’s continuous visits to such eateries, we were guaranteed a fast & efficient service.


The views from hill tops, the geology of the Burren and its superb growth was simply fascinating.


Exploring through the different trails was exciting and ever so interesting as Dave spoke of its history.


The views from hills are brilliant!


And stopping off at Father Ted’s house was a great chance to ‘act the maggot’ 😉


Apparently a lot of the filming for Father Ted took place in the Burren, and the famous set dancing in the caravan episode was filmed at Fanore beach where we went for surfing.


We returned to the centre around 4/4.30 pm each day.

Looking back at the end of each day, it was difficult to believe how much we had fitted in to a single day at the Burren Yoga and Meditation Centre.

Every second day we had an afternoon practice at 5 pm. This would again focus on meditation and finish with strong asanas or restorative-depending on the classes level of energy.

On the days that we didn’t have an afternoon practice we had time to relax or nap or whatever we chose before dinner at 7 pm.

Our final class was at 9 pm and again Kanta led us through a seated meditation, discussions followed about anything we were unsure of and we usually finished with a restorative pose… our favorite!!

Monday began as usual but this day was free from organized outings. We had the choice to relax, explore, get involved in local water sports or enjoy a massage on site. It was “your” time.

The week finished on Thursday morning after breakfast, people left the centre at their own leisure. Many swapping numbers and contact details, I can honestly say that everyone truly enjoyed their experience at the centre and having a teacher as wonderful and lovely as Kanta really made the week. She is an inspiration to both students and teachers.

I have no hesitation in recommending Dave’s centre to anyone, regardless of their Yoga understanding or practice.


Yoga is a way of life and a constant path of learning, start your journey today.

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