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 Ireland Yoga Resource

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Ireland Yoga Resource provides a list of yoga teachers in each county of Ireland.

Designed to help you find Irish Local Yoga Classes throughout the whole country of Ireland.

Click on your County below where you will find

  • Irish local yoga classes in your own area
  • Irish Yoga teachers contact details in Yoga Ireland
  • Entry form for yoga teacher to enter their details

Yoga has become very popular in Ireland.  There are yoga classes and yoga studios in almost every town of Ireland, and many yoga studios and yoga classes to choose from in larger towns and cities.

When the Burren Yoga Retreat was founded in 1999, Ireland Yoga was growing in popularity and it is great to see that yoga in Irrland has become mainstream with people from all walks of life practicing yoga and meditation on a daily basis.

We hope that this Ireland Yoga Resource will help you to find yoga claases in your own area.


 Contact Ireland Yoga Teachers

This resource of contact details for Irish Yoga Teachers in each county and town in Ireland is provided by yoga teacher Dave Brocklebank who founded the Burren Yoga & Meditation Retreat in 1999.

Dave’s vision is that the more people who practice yoga and meditation on a daily basis, the better society will be, and that are communities will be more caring for each other and the environment.  

To see yoga teachers contact detaiols, see Yoga Ireland


Ashtanga inspired Vinyasa yoga retreat Ireland weekend
Yoga studio at Burren Yoga Retreat

 Select your County to see Irish Yoga teachers

This Ireland Yoga resource contains the most complete list of all yoga classes and all yoga teachers in Ireland.

You can use this to help find yoga classes in any county in Ireland, and to find contact details of yoga Ireland teachers in your own area.

This Ireland Yoga resource will help many people in Ireland to find yoga classes in their own area  and that it will help support the practice of yoga and meditation in many people’s lives.

The benefits of yoga and meditation are huge, and it is only after having practiced for some one time, that one begins to feel and to realize the deeper benefits that one had not even imagined could result from such a practice.

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Burren Yoga Retreat, Galway Clare border

If you are teaching yoga classes in Ireland, and would like us to list your contact details, please fill in our      Yoga Teacher Register

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