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Lisa Petersen

I am passionate about finding the balance between being and doing, movement and stillness, strength and fluidity, discipline and freedom

Lisa Petersen is one of Ireland’s most well-known International Yoga Teacher Trainers.

She has over 10,000 hours of teaching experience leading workshops and teacher trainings in Ireland, the UK, Spain, Denmark, Finland, Austria, Australia, New Zealand.

Lisa first came across yoga when she spent 2 ½  years in India in 2000.   Lisa was ‘captured by the Ease, Grace and Peace’ and yoga has become a central part of her life since then.

During her time in India Lisa also began vipassana meditation and naturally began practicing yoga and meditation on her own right from the start as she had plenty of time in India and felt naturally drawn to the practices.

Lisa has been sharing the art of teaching Yoga and Somatics for two decades.  Somatics is a mind body approach to improve our health and well-being naturally.  Through the use of easy, relaxing, gentle movements, somatic exercises teach you to use your brain to change your muscles.  Tight, restrictive muscles simply let go.


She is internationally known for her integrity, clarity, and presence. Her style is personable and enriched by a deep understanding of anatomy, alignment and movement patterns.

With a wealth of knowledge, her classes and workshops are innovative and authentic as she guides her students towards personal transformation on and off the mat.

Her teaching is informed by a rich understanding of embodiment, experiential anatomy, and developmental movement patterns.


Lisa is simply superb–- seamlessly combining her knowledge of Somatics and Yoga in a way that is clear, accessible and engaging.  She brings a palpable warmth and enthusiasm into her teaching that is infectious and that encourages even the most timid of students to explore new territory. As a faculty member on my own teacher training, she has surpassed all my expectations.’
Donna Farhi 

Lisa is passionate about finding the balance between being and doing, movement and stillness, strength and fluidity, discipline and freedom.


Lisa’s teaching has the depth that can inspire any very experienced yoga practitioner, and the clarity and accessibility to make the teachings suitable for complete beginners.

Every time I attend a workshop with Lisa I enter with one body and leave with quite another! I deepen my understanding of myself, my practice, the human body and walk away with practical tools, sequences and information that I can immediately apply to my own teaching and practice.’
Claire Nettley, Yoga Teacher, Australia

She uses humour during her classes, and through a combination of demonstrating the postures, explaining about the anatomy and alignment, will help guide you to a very safe practice combined with a knowledge of what is going on inside.

Lisa has helped thousands of students move out of pain and tension and into ease and relaxation. She creates a safe space to meet and greet all the layers of the self using curiosity, exploration and self-enquiry.

“Lisa Petersen is a natural born teacher. With a unique gift for offering in depth material with clarity, creativity and humour, she invites us into a deeper embodiment, and it is this embodiment which is vital for our transformation. While grounded in the tradition of Yoga, Lisa is a true innovator in movement and somatics, with a remarkable knowledge in experiential anatomy, physiology, body systems and developmental movement. With all my heart I recommend and encourage you to study with Lisa.”
Neal Ghoshal, Yoga Teacher, New Zealand

Hatha and Somatics retreat


She creates a safe space to explore and unpack all the layers of the self – physical, mental, emotional, energetic and spiritual using curiosity, exploration and self-enquiry.

Lisa first trained at Vivekenanda Kendra (India’s most reputable Yoga Therapy hospital), before studying and co-teaching extensively with Donna Farhi, as well as training with Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen and Amy Matthews.

The first time I heard Donna teaching it was as if a light went on in every single cell of my body.  Finding a teacher that you resonate with is a crucial part of the journey.


Lisa offers workshops and teacher trainings in Yoga, Somatics and Embodied Anatomy around the world. She is deeply grateful to her teachers and students, and all those seeking to make the world a more embodied place.


Although Lisa is involved in training yoga teachers she is also very experienced in teaching complete beginners to yoga, and is able to offer everybody practices that are suitable to their own level, in way that makes it both enjoyable and inspiring.

‘Lisa radiates an immediate warmth to the students in the room. I was captured right away by her ability to engage her students, her intelligence of the human body, her ability to make anatomy fascinating, her passion for yoga, her infectious laugh, her humor. Everything about her feels very natural and real’. 
Kathryn Turnbull, Yoga Teacher, US

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9 June to
15 June 2023.

Yoga Teacher Retreat 6 nights

Yoga Teachers retreat with Lisa Petersen

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