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Dave Brocklebank

Dave has been practicing since 1978 and is one of the most experienced meditation teachers in Ireland

Satyananda yoga retreat

Dave began his own meditation practice in 1978 in Dublin and began practising Yoga in 1989 when he moved to Galway.

He has over 40 years of meditation experience and over 30 years experience of many different forms of yoga as well as the Buddhist teachings which he has also been following for over 30 years.

He has enjoyed the practices of meditation and yoga right from the beginning and feels that yoga and meditation are the two most transformative techniques or bodies of knowledge that he has come across in his life.

Dave is primarily a visionary and a creator and a do’er. 
He puts this down to daily meditation practice from an early age and continued practice over the years which helps us align with our inner subtle energies and to harmonise our thoughts and actions with our true inner Nature.
When our thoughts and actions are aligned with our subtle inner essence, the Universe facilitates our visions to become manifest in the external world.

Dave completed the 2-year Satyananda yoga teacher training in 1999 with Shraddhamurti and Chetanmurti in the Galway school of Yoga and Meditation.

He has also completed another Yoga Teacher Training in 2008 with David Muehsam.

And also a Pregnancy Yoga Teacher Training with Uma Dinsmore-Tuli in 2010.

Dave has studied with many teachers of various traditions from all over the world and his teachers have been too numerous to mention here.

Satyananda yoga Ireland
Satyananda yoga class
Dave had the vision to design and build the first dedicated residential yoga and meditation retreat in Ireland in 1999.
His vision was to provide an ideal environment for people to learn and deepen their practice of yoga and meditation in a quality and enjoyable way.
And 21 years later his vision to transform the centre into the more luxiourious environment with en-suite bedrooms finally manifested.
The new design incorporates many innovative features to provide the safest retreat enviroment in these Covid times.

His classes begin with very gentle loosening up postures which help prepare the body for the stronger postures which are introduced after a number of months.

Dave takes care that each person understands each posture and gives advice on adapting the posture to suit your own level and where you are at in this present moment.

He introduces Pranayama right from day one, and a large emphasis is placed on the awareness of the practitioner rather than their physical ability.

Some of the postures are stronger, and help with the alignment of the body.

Dave gives clear guidelines on each posture, and each person works within their own limitations, and there are no caparisons made between people.

As each person becomes more familiar with the postures, gradually their body opens up.

However Dave also reminds everybody that the purpose of yoga is not to practice the perfect posture, but rather to work with one’s awareness in order to expand one’s consciousness and that the cornerstone of yoga for the past 5,000 years has always been meditation.




Meditation retreat
Satyananda yoga classes

Dave also gives individual guidance when it can be of benefit.

His experience with Iyengar and Astanga yoga bring a detailed approach to correct alignment of the body in order to assume the posture while respecting the limits of one’s body.

In addition to Dave’s yoga lifestyle, he also attends Buddhist teachings and tries to bring these teachings into his own life and dealings with people.

Meditation has been traditionally the cornerstone of the yoga teachings for countless centuries, and this tradition of teaching meditation is always maintained at the Burren Yoga and Meditation Centre.

Dave runs the Burren Yoga and Meditation Centre, co-ordinating retreats, facilitating courses and teaching Yoga and Meditation himself. He also maintains his own daily practice of Yoga and Meditation, and regularly attends Yoga workshops and retreats. 

Dave aims to teach you a core amount of physical postures, breathing techniques and meditation which you will be able to practice on your own each day after you complete the retreat.

It is through extended daily practice of these techniques that bring the deeper benefits of yoga and meditation which can spill over onto all areas of your life.

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