Hatha yoga and Total Yoga Nidra immersion retreat with Uma Dinsmore Tuli

Uma is an international therapy trainer specialising in Yoga Nidra deep relaxation

Start Date: June 7, 2024
End Date: June 13, 2024

 Connecting with Yoni Shakti with Hatha Yoga and Total Yoga Nidra Immersion Summer Retreat with Uma Dinsmore-Tuli

Enjoy a week of  Luxurious Simplicity in the beautiful Burren

Total Yoga Nidra Immersion Nurture Intuition

Everyone is welcome.

This week-long retreat is open to anbody who is interested in experiencing Yoga Nidra deep relaxation with one of today’s experts in the field… Uma Dinsmore-Tuli, PhD.

Uma has been teaching yoga since 1994 and is the founder of the Yoga Nidra Network, which has been training yoga nidra facilitators since 2011.  She is the author of 6 books on yoga and women’s health that are widely used in the field.

The retreat is open to complete beginners, as well as regular yoga practitioners, to yoga teachers and to anybody who would enjoy a week of gentle yoga and lots of yummy Yoga Nidra relaxation, guided outings into the Burren hills and by the sea, amazing vegetarian food, and luxurious accommodation in the new State of the Art Burren Yoga Retreat.

Alongside all these daily delights, you will also benefit from Uma’s inspirational teaching and guidance throughout the week, and her presence with you at meals and breaks to answer questions and queries.

Teacher and facilitators who hold space for others are especially warmly invited to come and nurture your intuition! 

There will be daily sessions of yoga, yoga nidra (the yoga of sleep) breath and meditation for all levels, special time for creative reflections (bring your notebooks, journals and colours). 

At the end of each day you will have the option to join a special night time yoga nidra before bed (in your pyjamas if you like!) 

Night time yoga nidrā is to nourish dream and intuitive insight.

Plus you’ll have the chance to join optional extra daily sessions to cultivate creative dream recall through meditation and yoga nidrā: bring your dream journals! 

Scroll down this page to see the full timetable of classes, meals and outings on this retreat.

There are optional additional daily classes that can be attended in order to receive certification for the Total Yoga Nidra Connecting with Yoni Shakti Immersion (a prerequisite for Total Yoga Nidra teacher and facilitator training). 

These optional classes are daily from 7:30 am to 8:00 am, and also on Sunday and Tuesday 5:00 to 6:30 pm. 

The additional optional cost to receive this certification is €108.

After you complete your booking on Uma’s retreat, you will receive a link where you can sign up for these additional classes to receive your certification.

Those who already have certification in yoga nidrā will find this approach provides a whole new perspective on yoga nidrā to nurture intuition. 

Individual yoga therapy sessions and Motherpeace Tarot Nidra readings are available with Uma, and you can book in with Uma after you arrive on the retreat.

This week long retreat will be rejuvinating and a lovely way to spend time with like-minded positive people in a beautiful setting.


  • Have fun and discover new things
  • Enjoy social interaction with like-minded people
  • Over 20 hours of yoga and meditation classes
  • Organised outings into the Burren hills and by the sea
  • Amazing vegetarian food by our talented chef
  • Luxurious facilities at our new ‘State of the Art’ retreat
  • Sample the best local cuisine
  • Freedom and Peace of mind in our Digital Free Environment
  • A true escape from everyday life

All of the above will make this an unforgettable experience and possibly the best retreat of your life.


Enjoy the Luxury of the new 'State of the Art' retreat centre.

Total Yoga Nidra Immersion Nurture Intuition

Uma teaches her own fluid variation of hatha yoga during this retreat.

These classes are suitable for complete beginners to advanced, and to all ages, and all levels of fitness.

There are optional early morning yoga classes from 7:30 am to 8:00 am.

Or you can decide to join the class from 8:00 to 10:00 am

This retreat has the flexibility for you to tune in to yourself, and you decide what is appropriate for you each day.

There is a meditation class in the morning and evening each day, and one of the benefits of our yoga and meditation retreats is that you can then take these practices home with you.

See international yoga therapist and trainer Uma’s yoga bio at the end of this page.

The Burren Yoga Retreat is located at the foot of the Burren hills nestled amongst the hazel trees.

You are surrounded with a vast choice of special places in the Burren where we go for hill walks, Nature Trail walks, walks by the sea, beautiful beaches and forests to explore.

There are lovely places to swim in the sea or in our nearby lake which heats up during the summer

Outdoors in the Burren on all of our retreats.

All ages hill walking Burren Yoga

All our classes, outings and meals are optional, so you are free to join all or some as you please during this yoga and meditation weekend.

However over 95% of people relish the freedom of not having to decide or choose what to do each day, and go with the full programme which is a well tried recipe which we have been running and improving on since 1999.

We are famous for our food and so many people have said they would come back time and time again just for the amazing vegetarian food.  Our chef will prepare all our vegetarian meals with organic and locally sourced vegetables and the finest ingredients.

Enjoy Amazing Vegetarian Food by our talented chef

Exceptional quality food

Suitable for All

This Total Yoga Nidra Nurture Intuition Immersion retreat is suitable for complete beginners to advanced.

It is ideal for yoga teachers and facilitators who teach yoga nidra themselves. 

There are no comparisons made between people, and this course is suitable for everyone.

Come on your own, or with a friend

A great way to meet like-minded people and make new social connections.

We have a wide range of en-suite bedrooms and also budget sharing rooms to choose from.

Woman holds yoga mat

Burren Bliss

Abbey hill views Burren Yoga

A Paradise with surprising ease of access

Only 2 ½ hours drive from Dublin.

Motorway all the way to Gort. 

Nearest train and bus station also in Gort.

Gort is 6 miles from the centre.

Nearest airport is Shannon, 45 minutes reduced fare taxi

The Retreat you Love

 Exceptional yoga teacher in stunning yoga studio

Have you heard about the beautiful energies in the Burren Yoga Studio which was designed according to sacred geometry ?

The Retreat you Love

Arrival on Friday 7th June 2024

5:00 pmArrival & Registration
7:00 pmDinner
9:00 pmIntroduction to the retreat
9.25 pmBreathwork and Yoga Nidra deep relaxation


Typical day’s timetable

7:30 amOptional class for dream catching and nurturing intuition and breath
8:00 amMeditation including intro for beginners
8:30 amYoga class – Nourishing movement and breath to nuture intuition
10:00 amBreakfast
11:15 – 2:00 pmOutdoor trip in the Burren
2:00 pmLunch at local cafe
3:30 pmFree Time
7:00 pmDinner
9:00 pmMeditation and night time Yoga Nidra for intuition inspired dreams


Alternative days

5:00 – 6:30 pmRestorative and theraputic yoga with yoga nidra to nurture intuition

Every second day, as well as the usual classes listed on the typical day’s timetable above, we have an additional afternoon class.


Additional Optional classes

5:00 – 6:30 pmOptional class for cultivating intuitive wisdom

As well as the optional daily classes from 7:30 to 8:00 am, there will be optional afternoon classes on Sunday and Tuesday at the above time for those who sign up for the Total Yoga Nidra Connecting with Yoni Shakti Immersion.


Close of retreat on Thursday 13th June 2024

7:30 amOptional class for dream catching and nurturing intuition with yoga and breath
8:00 amBreathwork and Meditation
8:30 amYoga class – Nourishing movement and breath to nurture intuition
10:00 amBreakfast
11:15 Farewells
12:00 noonLatest time to depart

Uma is passionate about yoga nidra and about yoga and gets this across in her teaching by inspiring others to follow the path of yoga.

Uma met yoga in 1969, at the age of four, and fell in love. She’s been practising ever since, and teaching yoga since 1994.

A yoga therapist with special expertise in yoga therapy for women’s health, Uma is a mother of three, and has written four books on yoga for women, including the massive Yoni Shakti, and two books on Yoga Nidra, including Yoga Nidra Made Easy (Hay House 2022) and Nidra Shakti, An Illustrated Encyclopaedia of Yoga Nidra.

Uma works internationally, sharing yoga retreats, trainings and empowerments that support the natural arising of prana shakti: the power of life.

She trains specialist teachers in Total Yoga Nidra and Yoni Shakti Well Woman Yoga Therapy for menstrual and menopausal health, pregnancy, birth, and postnatal recovery.

Uma is certified as a Yoga Therapist by the International Association of Yoga Therapy.

Her diplomas in Yoga Therapy are from the Yoga Biomedical Trust, and the late Mukunda Stiles (Structural and Ayervedic Yoga Therapy).

Her initial yoga studies were with Iyengar and Satyananda yoga teachers and her continuing inspiration is the ‘Feminine Unfolding’ asana practice shared by Angela Farmer.

See Full Bio at Umas full bio

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There is an additional fee of €108 if you decide to opt in the additional classes to qualify for the certification for the yoga nidra immersion.  A link will be sent to you after you complete your booking to sign up for this optional certification.

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