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Kathryn Moynihan

Kathryn teaches invigourating challenging vinyasa flow yoga classes, breath focussed meditation and loving kindness meditation

Kathryn Moynihan been practising yoga for nearly twenty years and teaching since 2007.

She has studied Ashtanga and iyengar extensively and now these days she practices and teaches an informed-alignment yoga that can be accessible for all people.

She has over 500 Hrs Yoga Teacher Training hours.

She is one of the main facilitators on the 200hr Bodhi Yoga teacher trainings in Ireland. And has taken in depth meditation study with a recognised, international tibetan buddhist teacher and various Buddhist teachers.

Kathryn Moynihan teaches Vinyasa yoga and her classes are flowing, and range from very gentle practices suitable for all ages, to stronger more challenging practices designed to remove energy blocks for more experienced practitioners.

Kathryn places a lot of emphasis on the breath and this is brought into all of her classes.



She initially explored different forms of yoga and became interested in its therapeutic benefits.  Ashtanga yoga became her core yoga practice along with the influence of Iyengar yoga.

She has studied with reputable senior Yoga teachers and travels every year to train abroad in India or Europe.  Some of her teachers have been Manu Jois, Michael Stone, Matthew Sweeney, Rolf Naujokat and Marci in Goa, Iyengar teachers in India, Dave Curtis in Ireland and his teachers Matzy and Chuck Miller.

She has undergone three teacher trainings with Dave Curtis, Matthew Sweeney and Manu Jois.


Vinyasa yoga weekend

Kathryn has studied and practiced with Tibetan Buddhist teachers , Zen, Theravada in retreat settings and has been practising meditation for the last fifteen years.

Her own meditation practice has deeply influenced the way she teaches yoga.

Due to individual bodies and in particuar if people have injuries, Kathryn feels strongly that a yoga practice needs to be customized for each persons needs, in times of therapeutic healing.

Her love for yoga also extends to creating a happy, safe environment for students to practice and to be challenged – encouraging students to dedicate time and commit to their own yoga practise and lives towards healing, self development and peace.

In 2009 Kathryn came in contact with a Buddhist teacher Visu Teo, and began breath focussed meditation and also loving kindness meditation.  She felt her heart jump for joy as these practices were the perfect balance for her heart and mind, and complimented her physical yoga practice.

She likes to teach from the heart while keeping the integrity of the yoga tradition but she does also like to keep a sense of humor.

When teaching she puts an emphasis on body intelligence, adjusting the practice for your body, meditation and pranayama. She encourages students to develop their own personal yoga practice to use yoga to enhance their physical, emotional and spiritual well-being.

Like many yoga practitioners she found meditation a challenge at the start, but found over the years of practising physical yoga asanas, that this helped integrate her body and mind.  As her awareness of being in her own body improved, she discovered that training her mind within meditation became more accessible.


She feels very connected with the Buddha’s teaching on the open heart, compassion, acceptance, the non judgemental qualities of these practices  along with the very simple idea of just ‘being present’ with your breath

Kathryn teaches breath focussed meditation in order to train the mind to become more still, and when the student is ready, brings in the more contemplative side of loving kindness.

Due to individual bodies and various injuries, Kathryn recognizes that sometimes a yoga practice needs to be customized for each person’s needs, in times of therapeutic healing.


“My love for yoga also extends to creating a happy, safe environment for students to practice and to be challenged – encouraging students to have a yoga practice which promotes self-healing, allows growth and inner reflection.”

“Personally i feel that one needs to become present fully in one’s own body first before one can fully appreciate the mind and body connection. “

“Most of all I feel ‘ Opening to love’ is the key in both yoga and meditation practices.  Simply living a life honouring and respecting others.”

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