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Karolina Krzemianowska

Karolina will inspire you through her yoga class using awareness, humour and meditation to bring you to a space of stillness within

hatha yoga and meditation weekend

Karolina is from Poland originally, and has been practicing yoga and meditation for over 10 years.

Karolina is a trained Nutritional Consultant as well as being one of our regular very experienced yoga teachers.

Karolina was very fortunate to be drawn to meditation right from the start at an early age. She really enjoyed the calmness and balance that the practice brought and also to get in touch with deeper layers of her being.

Meditation allowed Karolina to find her inner oasis, and inner place of sanctuary especially when faced with difficult pressures of life. 

She used her practice to cultivate positive thoughts and feels that meditation has been instrumental in achieving inner balance and to understand more about herself and the world and other people around her.

When Karolina took up Yoga asana (physical yoga poses) it really grabbed her curiosity as she sensed the depth within the practices, and as it also took her out of her comfort zone she loved the challenge of it.

She began practicing Vinyasa flow yoga. She really enjoyed breathing and movement integration, it helped her immensely in being mindful in the present moment and delve into a deeper practice.

At the start, Karolina began by going to classes at a local fitness centre, and before long she developed a regular practice of yoga as well as meditation. She also used online classes, as at that time it was difficult to find good yoga with experienced teachers classes in her area in Poland.


After some years, Karolina deepened her practice, and began her own daily practice so that she could explore further the effect of the postures, while holding them according to her own breath capacity, rather than following a led class.


Her daily self-practice allowed her to tune in to her own breath… and depending on this, to adjust the flow and speed of the yoga-flow, and also how long to stay in each posture.


Pranayama – breathing techniques – was always an integral part of her practice, she gave is as much attention as to physical postures. Her own teaching nowadays includes mindful breathing and incorporating this into the practice of asana. And when the students are ready for it, she also introduces Pranayama and meditation practice.




Over the years Karolina completed a number of yoga teacher trainings including a Yoga Diploma Teacher Training by Nicole Henkel Murphy, a Yoga Nidra Teacher Training with ShantiMurti Okan and a Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training.

Karolina believes that yoga and meditation are such transformative practices that one should always continue to train and study to deepen one’s practice and also one’s teaching and has undertaken an Advanced Teacher Training with Amy Ippolliti.

She is careful to include good instruction on correct alignment so that her students feel confident to practice on their own at home. She is not overly strict about alignment, and prefers to ensure that her students are practicing safely, and with good breathing and awareness.



She is very clear in her explanations, and has a lovely flow to her classes.

Karolina teaches Hatha yoga, Vinyasa flow yoga and also Restorative yoga, as well as Yoga Nidra (deep relaxation), Pranayama and Meditation.


She makes her teaching accessible for all ages, and all levels of abilities, and her students include complete beginners to quite advanced regular practitioners.

Karolina –

“Yoga helps us to find balance in our lives. Balance on an internal level with our nervous system and our mind, and also on an external level with people around us and our environment.
Yoga provides us with a wide variety of practices that help us reshape our habits into healthier ones. It could be as simple as learning how to breathe correctly.
With commitment and attention we can expand our practice of observing and mindfulness into our day to day life. Being mindful makes us more aware of our thoughts and behaviour which helps us to stay present and calm.
Yoga has so much more to offer. I truly believe that everyone is able to find a practice that suits them and I look forward to helping you on your own path of yoga.”


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