Greg Walsh

Greg is an Iyengar trained teacher and teaches Alignment based yoga which is modifiable for all levels of fitness and all ages

Alignment based yoga weekend

Greg Walsh is an Iyengar trained yoga teacher and has been teaching yoga since 1999.

His classes are still very much alignment based using all his years of training and experience. 

“I was introduced to yoga in my mid 20’s whilst traveling in Nepal. I didn’t think it would be for me, but in fact I really took to it straight away. I initially practiced Satyananda yoga, but on my return to Dublin I was introduced to Iyengar yoga. Its strong physical challenge, focus on strong body awareness and attention to detail appealed to me immediately. I have studied primarily Iyengar yoga for 20 years, and really appreciate its clear physical focus. “

“I have stepped back from using the Iyengar name, as I often teach in a more exploratory and less rigid way than traditional Iyengar yoga is often presented.”

Greg’s classes will give you a lot of understanding of the postures as every pose in Greg’s classes is modifiable for differing yoga abilities and levels.

His classes can be quite vigorous so come prepared for a good workout.  His classes are suitable for complete beginners to advanced, and can be both challenging but accessible for everybody.

“For me, yoga is not simply a physical practice, it is an exploratory philosophical and energetic practice which uses the body to access the inner essence. We use yoga to gain control and mastery of our body, we use our body to access the breath, and we use the breath to gain mastery of our thoughts, our mind, our consciousness, our whole being. “ – Greg

Greg founded Samadhi Yoga Studio in Dublin in 2005.  He is deeply passionate about yoga, as a practice, as a philosophy, and as a subject.

He has taught yoga all over Ireland, Europe and the USA.

Greg was awarded the Introductory Iyengar Teacher Training Certificate in 2002 after 2 years of intensive teacher training.   

He has gone on to train in yoga over many years and in March 2016 was awarded his Intermediate Level 3 Certificate.

Greg has many years of teaching experience as well as the many years of his own training.  He uses this experience to guide each person to get in touch with the inner world through the mind/body/breath connection.

Greg feels that what is most important and beneficial in yoga is not flexibility or making a shape, it is studying how actions have effects.

In his classes you may observe for example how muscular engagement creates more spacious breath, which leads to a softening of tension in the diaphragm, which releases mental or emotional tension.

Greg’s classes are playful and lighthearted. There is effort involved, but it’s joyful effort.

Greg teaches gentle pranayama or breathing practices, and some of these are taught seated, while others are taught lying down.

Greg uses the usual props that are used in Iyengar yoga such as bolsters, blocks, cork bricks, and belts.

His morning classes tend to be more dynamic, while his afternoon classes tend to be restorative.

These restorative classes can be a great way to simply let go… tune inwards… and experience and onserve and enjoy the effects the posture has on your being.

Greg also teaches breath focussed meditation and will introduce the practice in a clear way to beginners.

One’s awareness is gently directed towards the breath flowing in the nostrils during the practice.  When thoughts come into the mind, they are simply observed and allowed to pass by like clouds drifting past a window.

This practice helps us not to get caught up in throughts, but instead to step back and observe them.

In time, through daily practice this helps to bring about a more heart centred and accepting nature.

Greg welcomes you on his retreat, and looks forward to practicing together.

Upcoming Retreats

25 February to
27 February 2022.

Weekend-Only off season

Alignment based yoga weekend with Iyengar trained Greg Walsh

22 April to
24 April 2022.

Weekend-Only off season

Alignment based yoga weekend with Iyengar trained Greg Walsh

Unplug. Let go of the external world. Experience the Silence

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