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Dara Loughrey

Dara brings love and awareness to her hatha yoga classes using humour to bring you to a space of inner peace and love.

Hatha yoga Ireland

Dara Loughrey had her first taste of yoga while at acting college in Sydney in 2002. It was an Ashtanga practice taught by Gavin Robins.

Dara could feel the physical benefits right away, and the physical yoga practice grabbed her instantly.

In the beginning Dara started going to yoga classes twice per week, and the practice of yoga began to change her life.

She also felt the benefits of the yoga practice spilling over onto her daily life, and left her feeling less anxious and being more patient and feeling relaxed.

Inspired by Gavin and how the yoga classes made her feel less anxious, Dara began a regular home practice, where she began the path of self-inquiry and noticed the benefits of regular practice such as peace of mind, healthy immune system, stress relief, clarity and above all connection to her soul.

Dara began a physical yoga practice at home consistently almost immediately. And although the initial benefits were mainly felt on a physical level, she could also feel the influence of the practice on other levels.

Her initial motivation for keeping up the practice was to maintain that good feeling that the practice brought to her.

Dara was very fortunate to also come across meditation quite early on, and the practice of meditation brought her clarity, connection to the divine and joy.

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Hatha yoga intensive

In 2006 she undertook a 3 year long yoga teacher training in Sydney at Nature Care College. This is once of the most advanced teacher trainings and is a 500 hour Advanced Yoga Diploma.

Since then Dara has continued her training at every opportunity and has completed trainings and workshops with Shiva Rea, Ana Forrest, Somon Borg Oliver, Mark Whitwell and John Ogilvie.

She maintains further ongoing studies with Sindar Kaur at her teacher mentoring programme in Sydney.

Dara has been teaching initially in Australia, and has just come back to Ireland to continue her teaching here.

Many visits to India to deeper her own personal practice in Rishikesh, and also in south India with her personal teacher Sri Sakthi Amma.

Dara’s style of teaching is a Vinyasa flow style, but suitable for all levels. Those who are more experienced will be taken to deeper levels, while she will also provide less challenging practices for complete beginners.


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Restorative yoga retreat

She also teaches Restorative Yoga classes, and her experience with people of all ages, and all levels of abilities, guides her to give variations of postures suitable for everybody in her classes.

These restorative classes are a lovely opportunity to completely let go… and be guided by Dara’s soft Aussie voice to just rest within the present moment.

Dara takes care that each person is able for the postures, and gives gentle variations to anybody who would like to go more gently.

She brings this level of care for each person to all her classes, so nobody will feel out of their depth.

Dara has taught yoga retreats in India, Bali and Australia.

She is very skilled at bringing you to an experience within the present moment through the yoga practices… through the breath… and also the breath focussed meditation.

Dara’s classes are very inspiring and she will empower you to continue this practice on your own when you go home after the retreat.

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