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Many people who come on the Yoga weekends at Burren Yoga have never practices yoga before.

So why do they come?

Dave who founded the yoga centre has hand-picked a team of 16 of the best yoga and meditation instructors who are very inspiring and
caring teachers.

So you can be assured of receiving the best yoga and meditation instruction.

This is very important for a complete beginner so that they receive all the instruction that they need, suitable for their own level.




How one begins yoga… and the teacher that one has to help guide you in learning the practices has a very big effect on how one progresses
with the practices.

For more information please see “Yoga for Complete beginners

Weekend Yoga courses for beginners

These weekend yoga courses are designed to teach you the foundations of the practices, and also to check with you over a number of classes each day, to see how you are progressing, and giving adjustments and guideance so that you can continue the practices at home yourself. These are suitable for complete beginners to yoga.

This is very different to simply attending a few separate yoga classes each week.

When one attends a normal weekly class, often it is not aimed at beginners, and often the teacher has already covered the basics many weeks back, and will not cover those basics again just because one new beginner is starting the class.

Equally well, many yoga teachers are very busy running their weekly classes, and have so many different students that each time one goes back to one of their classes, that often the teacher will not remember exactly how you were practising the last time you were at the class, and will not be able to give you the continued support to improve your practice from class to class.

On the Burren Yoga Retreats, the experienced teachers have only 15 retreat participants to focus on for the whole weekend…. or even better if you come on one of our week-long yoga retreats.

These experienced teachers know what to teach complete beginners so that they can understand what they are doing, and give them demonstrations of the postures, and individual guidance as each person progresses at their own pace over the beginners weekend course, or on one of our week long yoga retreats.

Complete beginners yoga course

Just because you are a complete beginner, does not mean that you have to do a very gentle yoga course first.

If you are young (in your 20’s or 30’s) and are reasonably fit, without any back neck or knee injuries, then you may actually prefer a more dynamic yoga weekend that is also suitable for complete beginners.

However, if you are older (in your 50’s or 60’s ), or have some health condition or back, neck or knee injuries, you may be best to start with a very gentle yoga weekend retreat.




To see which weekends are more gentle than the others, please see “Which Beginners Yoga weekends are more gentle?

Other advantages of a beginners yoga weekend

Because the experienced yoga teacher will be living with you for the weekend, and also going on the guided outings and all the meals, there is plenty of time to chat to the teach on a one-to-one basis. Sometimes when one is not sure of something in the yoga class, it may be easier to ask the teach for more clarification while you are strolling along the beach or walking in the hills later that day.




Dave has chosen the teachers partly on their extensive experience, bit also on their friendliness and approachability. So you can be assured of having a very experienced, and friendly and open teacher who is very interested in helping you to establish your own yoga practice, and to continue with this yourself when the beginners yoga weekend is over.

The full list of upcoming Yoga Weekends can be seen at Calendar of upcoming yoga weekends and week-long yoga retreats