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Yoga Dublin Art of Teaching


Yoga Dublin’s Dundrum center & also another training in Morocco


Sibylle Dallman and Naomi Sturdy


A 200hrs yoga teacher training in Dublin 2018.

Yoga Dublin have come together to create a unique training course that will not only give you the necessary skills and knowledge to become a confident and relevant yoga teacher but will also offer you inspiration and support in finding your own vision and voice as a teacher.

The Art of Teaching & Our Philosophy

We believe the true art of teaching lies in marrying your ability to skillfully teach asana, meditation and pranayama with your capacity to share, inspire, motivate, encourage and truly offer all your uniqueness to others. Drawing from a combined teaching experience of more than 20 years and a mutual love for our profession we’ve developed a training that will help you grow those skill with finesse and refinement. “The Art of Teaching” is a professional training designed for future teachers who want to teach skillful, potent and heartfelt classes that make a difference in the world.

We believe that good teaching starts with your own learning and so we’ve created an environment that is instrumental for your growth. Only 16 trainees per training, two experienced teachers present, specifically developed teaching modules that go beyond Yoga Alliance standards for a 200hrs training and minimum requirements for applicants ensure you get a state of the art training that is inspiring and personal.

Course Outline

Yoga Skills:
During this training you will learn and refine your skills in teaching yoga asana, pranayama, meditation, bandhas, mudras and kriyas. We’ll work on the basics first, so you can develop your understanding of the core curriculum and teach in a safe way. Progressively we’ll integrate more and more precision and nuances so you can teach with more confidence and depth.

Knowing your YogaBody:
The Art of Teaching Yoga will provide you with a solid knowledge of yoga related anatomy & physiology training. Understanding the architecture and functions of the physical body as well as the subtle bodies and how they relate to asana, meditation and pranayama is what will give you confidence in your teachings as well as providing you with the ability to better align your classes to your student’s needs.

Relevant and Authentic Philosophy:
Philosophy and theming are close allies as they both give your teaching depth. Learning about yogic philosophy, history and ethics will help you gain understanding and confidence as a teacher, providing you with a backdrop for your themes and inspire you and your students for an ethical yogic lifestyle. Whether ancient or recent, yogic philosophy is what takes this practice off the mat and into your life.

The Art of Teaching:
A good teacher is not only defined by what he knows but by their ability to connect to students and share the material in a meaningful and relevant way. We’ve dedicated an entire module on these soft skills that will transform your teachings. You’ll learn how to approach the sequencing process, develop powerful class and workshop themes that are close to your heart and learn different approaches to hands-on-assists as well as safety standards and appropriateness. A great deal of this training focuses on helping you refining your own voice, developing potent verbal cues and forging your presence as a teacher. You’ll get plenty of teaching practice within this training along with practical feedback and time to refine and hone your teaching skills until you feel confident in your own teaching style.

Your Teaching & Life Vision:
If you aspire to a happy, long-lasting and professional yoga teacher life, you’ve got to have an idea of what you want your ideal life as a teacher but also as a private person to look like. In this training we’ll help you find your own unique vision and help you create a sound and inspiring plan to get there in no time. This module is all about learning how to create a truly balanced, inspired and sustainable life on and off the mat.

The Business of Yoga:
Truly great teachers teach because they are passionate about yoga. It’s never about the money itself but making a difference. If you want to make a difference for a very long time and avoid emotional & financial burn-out down the road, it’s important to pay attention right from the start and develop some healthy business and marketing skills. Nothing crazy but simply aligning your goals on and off the mat, creating a sound strategy for your first classes right after TT and holding a vision for months to come.

More Information & Contact

Please see Yoga Dublin website for details on “Art of Teaching Training Course”