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Guild of Yoga Teacher Training Course


(2016) May 16/17; June 13/14; July 4/5; Sept 5/6; Oct 10/11


Study, learn and practice Yoga and, if you wish, train as a Yoga Teacher with renowned, mature and experienced tutors at an affordable price, and with easy payment options.

The course is for those interested in the broader spectrum of Yoga for personal use and includes an extra optional module for those wanting to train as a Yoga Teacher. Delivered on a part time basis the Concise Course in Yoga spans two terms (eight weekends), the teacher training module is completed over five extra weekends. The Guild of Yoga supports Yoga teachers by providing insurance under their block insurance scheme at discounted rates. Weekly class attendance with any course tutor contributes to training hours (class fees apply). The next available course commences September 2015

Concise Course includes:

• The eight Limbs of yoga
• Asana: Preparation and practice
• Pranayama: The basics and practice of yogic breathing
• Path of consciousness: Mindfulness; Awareness; Consciousness
• Meditation: What it is / What it is not; Types & Techniques
• Yoga Nidra: The yogic method of relaxation
• Subtle Anatomy: Chakras; Bandhas; Mudras & Kryias
• Philosophy/Spirituality: The Gita; Upanishads & The Yoga Sutras
• Anatomy of Asana: A joint approach; Anatomy and Asana


Sept.19/20: Oct.17/18; Nov.14/15; Dec.12/13;
(2016) Jan. 9/10; Feb. 6/7: Mar. 5/6; Apr 18/19

Fees: Concise course £800; Teacher Training module £650; Complete course £1450 total. £200 non refundable deposit (exceptional circumstances considered), pre payments -10%.

The Teacher Training module includes;

• Living Yoga Anatomy * available as a CDP for teachers depending on availability
• Setting up your classes
• How to plan and deliver a class
• Yoga for common Musculoskeletal conditions
• The use of belts and props as supports
• Injury to muscles and their recovery

The course meets National Training Standards of 200 hours, weekly classes with any of the course tutors contribute to contact hours (class fees apply). Applicants are required to have completed the Concise Course on yoga for entry on the Teacher Training Module.

Yoga is not about success or failure therefore there will be no formal assessment, instead continual evaluations will ensure progress and ultimately, successful conclusions.


Tullynore House; Tullynore Rd; Hillsborough
Attendance 2 days per month
Fees £650; (pre payment – 10%)
Dates (2016) May; 14/15 June 11/12; July 2/3 Sept.10/11; Oct; 8/9

Syllabus: Eight Limbs of Yoga

Yamas/Niyamas: What they are / mean

Asana: Posture preparation; Anatomy of Asana; Classical postures of yoga;
Modifications and variations

Pranayama The lungs; The mind & the breath; Sectional Breathing; Ujjayi;
Nadi Sadhana; Nadi Shodhana; Kapalabhati; Bhramari; Sheetali Sheetkari; Bhastrika;
How to teach the Pranayamas (*Teacher Training module)

Pratyahara; Withdrawal of the senses
Dharana; The Journey
Dhyana ; Means to an end
Samadhi The destination?

Consciousness: Awareness: Meditation and Yoga Nidra
What is Mindfulness; Why meditate; Yoga Nidra as a therapy

Philosophy: Spirituality

What it is; The Four Paths; Eight Limbs; Yamas/Niyamas; The Gita
The Upanishads’ The Sutras; Living Yoga; The Mala; Om

Anatomy: The feet, ankles & knees; Spine; Pelvis; Abdominal muscles
Shoulder & Arms; Wrist & Elbows

Teacher Training Module Includes;

Anatomy: Muscle types and structure; Aerobic/anaeobic breath;
Yoga relying on slow sustainable muscles; Muscle cell behaviour
Chain of command, sensory and motor signals & sensitivity regulation
The use of belts and props as supports; Injury to muscles and their recovery

Additional Optional Extra Modules or Training (priced separately)

• Yoga as a Therapy for musclo skeletal conditions
• Guest tutors as appropriate
• Recap anatomy day
• Yoga for Children

Additional /extra optional modules will be discounted for Course students


ASANA Classical postures of yoga
Posture preparation
Variations & modifications

PRANAYAMA The Lungs; The mind & the breath; The Lobes:
Ujjayi; Nadi Sadhana; Nadi Shodhana; Kapalabhti
Sheetali/ Sheetkari; Bhastrika

PATH OF CONSCIOUSNESS Mindfulness; Awareness; Meditation;Yoga Nidra




What it is
The four Paths
Eight Limbs
Yamas & Niyams
The Gita
The Upanishads
The Sutras
Living Yoga (practical philosophy)
The Mala


The feet, ankles & knees
The spine
The pelvis
The abdominal muscles
The shoulder & arms
The wrist & elbow


(2016) May 16/17; June 13/14; July 4/5; Sept 5/6; Oct 10/11