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Advice on taking up Yoga Teacher Training

A word of advice

There are many different yoga teacher training courses in Ireland

Some are 2, 3 or 4 year long yoga teacher training courses.

Yoga and meditation is a huge body of knowledge and equally well it takes many years of practicing yoga and meditation in order for the transformation effects to take place on all levels of your being.

My best advice i can give anybody considering taking up a yoga teacher training course is firstly to practice, practice and practice for a minimum of 4 years first.

Try out different types or styles of yoga and see which one suits you best.  Incorporate meditation and various pranayama techniques into your daily practice.

And enjoy how the process of transformation unfolds for you.

If you have been practicing yoga less than 4 years, or have not built up a daily practice for yourself that you have been practicing diligently for a minimum of 1 year, then please do not take a place on a yoga teacher training course.

It is through new comers to yoga going on short teacher training courses, than nowadays many classes are reduced to almost fitness style classes and is often like the blind leading the blind.

Many of these “yoga teachers” actually believe that the physical postures and physical practices are the most important and take up most of the whole body of knowledge of yoga.  There are 8 limbs to yoga, and the physical asanas are only 1 of the 8 limbs.

More importantly the facilitators and organizers of yoga teacher training courses have a responsibility to set minimum qualification levels of a minimum of 4 years practice and preferably a 1 year minimum daily practice before they let you signup for the course.

If the course you are considering does not have entry criteria and will simply let anybody join their course if they paid their money, then one should question the motivation for running this teacher training course.

Having said all that, it is entirely your own decision and your own path that you must walk, and i will simply list the yoga teacher training courses that i know of.

It is up to you to evaluate which course is best for you, and best to talk to your own yoga teachers with whom you have been practicing for many years as they will know you well, and be able to advise which course is best for you.

I wish you well on your path.

Best Wishes,