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Advanced Yoga Teacher Training

with Lisa Petersen, Christine Howitt & Faculty

Dublin 2015 & 2016


The twelve modules are open to graduates, teachers and dedicated students of Yoga. Each module has a unique emphasis and theme and is designed so it can be taken individually or as a series. For deeper, more integrated learning and mentoring, we strongly advise you to consider several or all modules. The course can be completed over any number of years at your convenience.

Yoga is an embodied practice. Embodiment is a big word for a simple concept. it means we bring our attention back into our bodies in order to fully experience ourselves. in the words of Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen embodiment is ‘the act of awakening and enlivening the consciousness of our whole being’.

This training is about relationship and how the parts of us co-operate to create a unified whole. in this philosophy, developing along on the yogic path is not a linear process, but a series of overlapping waves, each wave planting a seed enabling the next wave to take root and flourish.

Our ethos

We respect and value all traditional schools and teaching while embracing modern masters and the continuing innovation and creativity that has allowed to yoga evolve for over 5,000 years.

We believe that a great yoga teacher is a truly unique blend of scientist, artist, mentor, model and spiritual guide. our training seeks to cultivate these skills and abilities through your unique presence, voice and style so your teaching becomes a deep, self-renewing process.
Yoga is a journey and a particular emphasis of our teaching is Sva-dhya-ya or self-inquiry. it is our belief that it is the teacher’s own personal process as well as passion that facilitates deep internal change, growth and transformation.

We know that optimum learning happens in a warm, open, non- competitive, relaxed, professional environment. We appreciate that everyone has a unique learning style and offer skilled practices to accommodate all learners.

it is our mission to help develop highly skilled yoga professionals and practitioners where self-enquiry, self-awareness, and self-trust are paramount.

The Course

Why This course is unique

• it is offered in modular format over one and half years so you can customise the content to suit your requirements, interests, schedule and budget, with fees due two months before each module. You can complete the course in subsequent deliveries at your own pace.

• Students receive personal mentoring, ongoing feedback, supervision, advice and the steady, continuing support that is crucial to learning and development.

• We have a very high student-teacher ratio which ensures a level of personal attention which is unsurpassed on a training of this calibre.
as a former participant said, ‘there is always someone close by to ask or notice if you need help.’

• We work a six hour day to maximise retention, focus and concentration. Experience has shown that ‘packing in’ too many hours (often done to stockpile accreditation hours) is counterproductive to real learning.

• We explicitly leave integration breaks over the course of the training.

• The modules are carefully and specifically designed by highly experienced international teachers to take you to the next level. We are constantly innovating our syllabus and pedagogic model.

Course content

our training includes the study of:

• asana

• Vinyasa

• Breath Practices

• Meditation

• Therapeutic Practices

• restorative Yoga

• Yoga Philosophy and Ethics

What Can i expect ?

You can expect to develop the following skills:

• Development of your own personal practice.

• Understanding the body as a soma and how to work from a somatic perspective.

• in-depth study of
embodied anatomy and the application to Yoga.

• in-depth study of developmental movement patterns and the application to Yoga.

• analysis of alignment, postural and therapeutic issues and the application of embodied solutions.

• Enhanced kinaesthetic intelligence and proprioceptive abilities.

• refined awareness of both physical and subtle body alignment.

• heightened touch skills and the study of how and when to offer modifications.

• Learning to see with new eyes and offer new solutions.

• Embodying and channelling the voice.

• The use of language as a key teaching tool and presentation skills.

• Embodying compassion and loving-kindness as a self-practice as well as a life practice.

• Comprehensive understanding of the history, philosophy and ethics of Yoga.

• Study of the art of pedagogy in order to be an effective communicator/ facilitator.

• Learning to create a safe teaching environment which cultivates trust and permission.

• Multiple teaching practicums: teaching and observing others, giving and receiving feedback.

• Deep self-enquiry and self- renewing learning.

• Understanding Yoga as a multi-faceted life practice.