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Yoga Information Sites

This page contains links to various Yoga Information websites. Some sites will contain information about yoga asanas, how to do the postures, information about common errors in practicing, precautions and other advice.

Some websites will give information on other yoga practices such as the 6 shatkarmas or cleansing practices, Yamas and Niyamas or the rules and advice for ones conduct and ethic code of conduct.

Some websites will provide information about pranayama, which begin as breathing practices whereby we start to become aware of our breath, our lungs, and we we breathe, and through practice leartn how to refine our breth, increase our capacity, increase the ease and effortless flow of awareness and fineness of breath, and begin to move and get in touch with the prana which moves and flows with the breath.

Some website will provide information about learning how to focus the mind, honing one’s awareness to become single pointed and freeing the mind from endless distractions and eventually allowing our awareness to transcend the mind and become aware of the oneness of all and the non seperatness of being.

I hope that you find some useful yoga information websites on this page.

If you know of any other good general yoga information websites which are not listed here, please let me know. Dave at



If you are the owner of a Yoga Information website, and would like me to add a reciprocal link please contact me at the email on the top right of the page.

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