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Holistic Retreat 2024

Holistic Retreat 2024 at the Award Winning Burren Yoga Holistic Centre

 Holistic Retreat 2024

We run holistic retreat 2024 at the Burren Yoga and Meditation Holistic Centre which are suitable for complete beginners of all ages.

You can choose a holistic retreat 2024  at any time of the year.

We run our holistic retreats every month of the year.

The best holistic retreat 2024.

We run week-long holistic retreat 2024 breaks at Christmas, New Year and Easter, and also every week from May until end of September.

Each year we run a New Year’s holistic retreat from 3rd January to 9th January, and details can be seen at New Year Holistic Retreat 2023

Prior to this, we have a post-Christmas holistic retreat which runs from 27th December to 2nd January and details can be seen at Post Christmas Holistic Retreat

Every Easter we have a holistic retreat 2024 starting on Good Friday and runs until the following Thursday at noon.  Details can be seen at Easter holistic retreat 2024

wellness break
Wellness Retreat

2024 is the year when many people will go on a holistic retreat especially after being locked down for so long with Covid.

Enjoy a holistic retreat 2024 and enhance your mental wellbeing while actually enjoying every minute and meeting like-minded people.

We have been running our holistic retreats for over 23 years since 1999.

The  Burren Yoga & Meditation Holistic Retreat run holistic retreat 2024 all year round.

Many people come here who are just curious about yoga and meditation and more interested in the outings in the Burren and the amazing vegetarian food.

Our holistic retreat are a lovely combination of

  • gentle yoga for complete beginners
  • massage
  • organised outings into the Burren hills and by the sea
  • amazing vegetarian food

We run week-long holistic retreat 2024 as well as weekend holistic retreats consisting of gentle yoga, breath focussed meditation, time spent in Nature and amazing vegetarian food all year round.

Located in the legendary landscape of The Burren on the West coast of Ireland.

Quality holistic retreat 2024 where you will 

  • Have fun and discover new things
  • Enjoy social interaction with like-minded people
  • Daily outings into the Burren hills and by the sea
  • Amazing vegetarian food by our talented chef
  • Luxurious facilities at our new ‘State of the Art’ retreat
  • Be brought to sample the best local cuisine
  • Learn new practices from our gifted teachers
  • Freedom and Peace of mind in our Digital Free Environment
  • A true escape from everyday life

 Holistic retreat 2024 for all levels

On top of the worls Abbey hill

Our special ingredients on our holistic retreat 2024 include;

 2 minute video Holistic retreat 2024

 Luxurious Simplicity

Our holistic recipe is Simplicity delivered with authenticity, passion, and love.

Enjoy the Luxury of the new ‘State of the Art’ holistic retreat centre.

Louise lounging

 Special places you would not discover by yourself

Hill walking Yoga weekends

 Ensuite bedrooms Holistic retreat Ireland

En-suite single bedroom
En-suite single bedroom
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En-suite twin bedroom
En-suite twin bedroom
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En-suite super king sized double bedroom
En-suite super king sized double bedroom
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En-suite Triple
En-suite Triple
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If you prefer an even bigger bedroom for yourself or a super king sized double bed for yourself, you may book these options for a small additional price.

Prices for each room type can be seen when you select a retreat to book from the Calendar of upcoming retreats,

and press ‘Details and Booking’,

and then ‘Book Now’.

This will also show the remaining availability of room types for that particular retreat.


There is also an overview at Pricing Overview

 Holistic retreat 2024 Ireland

Yoga weekends 2022

We have a wide range of holistic retreats to choose from.

Treat yourself to one of our quality yoga holistic retreat 2024 which are a complete package of

  • the best quality yoga and mindfulness meditation instruction
  • guided outings to visit local attractions such as the Mullaghmore, Aillwee caves, Cliffs of Moher and many more
  • outdoor activities including hill walking, surfing, kayaking, strolls by the sea and simply relaxing in Nature
  • sample local cuisine for lunch at restaurants and cafes during our guided outings
  • guided walks and drives with spectacular scenery along the Wild Atlantic Way
  • amazing vegetarian food by our talented chef
  • en-suite bedrooms
  • dedicated massage therapy rooms
  • all within a friendly relaxed warm and welcoming environment

in one of the most beautiful and spectacular landscapes on the west coast of Ireland…The Burren

 Healthy holistic retreat 2024 Suitable for All

We provide residential holistic retreat breaks all year round suitable for

Come on your own, or with a friend

A great way to meet like-minded people and make new social connections.

Rejuvenate yourself on this quality holistic retreat 2022

Woman holds yoga mat

 Who we are & our exceptional teachers

The centre was founded in 1999 by yoga and meditation teacher Dave Brocklebank.

Unplug. Let go of the external world. Experience the Silence