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To see which yoga retreats are best for you, please see Best Yoga Retreats

We have 12 week long summer yoga retreats scheduled for 2013.


It is possible to book for the weekend only or a few days longer on any of our week long summer yoga retreats.


We have been running Eco Yoga Retreats since 1999 and we received a Tripadvisor award for receiving all 5 out of 5 reviews for last year.


Summer yoga retreats suitable for all levels

Our Eco yoga retreats are suitable for all levels, and we take a maximum of 15 people on any of our retreats.  This ensures that you will receive very good individual attention on our yoga retreats.


About 30% of our retreat participants have never practiced yoga before and our yoga teachers are very experienced.


Dave who founded the yoga centre in 1999 has hand picked a team of 15 of the best yoga and meditation teachers who are well able to give very clear accessible instructions to complete beginners, and also to give guidance and deeper instructions for those who are experienced practitioners.


Each summer retreat 2013 is very different

Some of our retreats are very gentle, while some retreats are stronger and more dynamic.  If you are a complete beginner and are over 40 years of age, then you might like to consider one of our more gentle yoga retreats first.


If you are under 40 and have no back, neck or knee injuries then you may prefer one of our more challenging yoga retreats this summer.


To see a list of which retreats are more gentle than others, please see “Who our summer 2013 yoga retreats are suitable for”


Summer 2013 Eco Yoga Retreats

Our eco yoga retreats are a complete package and consist of


  • the best quality yoga and mindfulness meditation instruction
  • guided outings to visit local attractions such as  Aillwee caves, Cliffs of Moher and many more
  • outdoor activities including hill walking, surfing, kayaking, strolls by the sea and simply relaxing in Nature
  • sample local cuisine for lunch at restaurants and cafes during our guided outings
  • amazing vegetarian food by Paddi our famous cook
  • optional vegetarian cooking classes
  • comfortable accommodation
  • all within a genuine yogic environment


Calendar of Summer 2013 Yoga retreats

To see more details on our summer yoga retreats,  such as

  • timetable of that retreat
  • bio of the teacher teaching that retreat
  • description of the type of yoga being taught that week
  • who the retreat is suitable for
  • photos of the yoga teacher

Please see “Calendar of summer yoga retreats