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Summer Retreats 2019

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Summer Retreats 2019

We have retreats every week during the Summer 2019 ranging from gentle yoga retreats suitable for all ages to stronger vinyasa style retreats which are more dynamic and physically challenging retreats.

All our summer retreats 2019 start at 7:00 pm Friday evening with dinner and finish the following Thursday at noon.

Our Summer 2019 retreats can be seen at
Calendar of Summer retreats 2019

Summer retreats Ireland 2019

These summer week-long retreats are a great way to be shown around the Burren hills and along the coast of the Wild Atlantic Way in the Burren region, as well as having the most experienced yoga and meditation teachers.

Our daily guided outings are led by Dave who founded the yoga centre in 1999, and he will personally take you to many very special places which are well off the beaten track.

This week could be a lovely way to start your 2 week vacation in Ireland, as you will meet other Irish people on the retreat who will give you tips and recommendations on what to see for your second week in Ireland.

There are many photos of our guided outings at Summer Retreat 2019 Photos
Summer retreats suitable for all

Our summer retreats are suitable for complete beginners to yoga and meditation as well as for more experienced practitioners.

It is worth checking that you choose the summer retreat so that if you are older you may prefer a more gentle retreat… whereas if you are younger and reasonably fit you may prefer a stronger more challenging retreat.

You can see which of the summer retreats are more or less challenging at Which summer retreats are more gentle than others

Week-long summer retreats

As well as having week-long summer retreats we also have week long yoga and meditation retreats at Christmas for 27th December – January 2nd and also week long New Year retreats from January 3rd – 9th and also Easter week-long retreats.

Outside those times we run all year round weekend retreats.

We close from November 24th – December 26th and also from January 10th – 22nd.

Tripadvisor awards for our summer retreats

We have won the Tripadvisor award of excellence 5 years in a row for our summer retreats in 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 and again in 2019.



You can read these independent travellers reviews at Tripadvisor summer retreats reviews.

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