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There are a number of websites on the internet titled “Best Yoga Retreats” and when one looks into it a little more deeply, one discovers that the writer has some favorites and some friends who are listed.

The best way to find the best yoga retreats is to do an “Independent Search” on the internet using either Google or Tripadvisor.

Or at least check out any retreat you are considering to book on Tripadvisor… to see whether they are listed as one of the best yoga retreats.

If they are not listed, a good question is “Why do the owners of the retreat not allow people to post Tripadvisor reviews about them?”

Which Best Yoga Retreats?

When deciding which best yoga retreats it is worth considering;

  • What is the quality of the teachers?
    • Can you see their full yoga bio on the website?
    • How many years have they been practicing yoga?
    • Where/when/how-long was their yoga teacher training?
  • Is there meditation on the retreat?
  • Are there daily guided outings or are you just left on your own after classes?
  • Is the daily timetable clear?
  • What do the Tripadvisor reviews say about the quality?


Burren Yoga Holidays Retreats

The Burren Yoga and Meditation Centre was founded in 1999 by yoga and meditation teacher Dave Brocklebank.

Dave’ motivation was to provide the best possible location and the best possible yoga and meditation teachers to introduce yoga and meditation practices to beginners and also to help deepen the practice of experienced practitioners.

To provide the best yoga retreats within a genuine yogic environment.

He carefully hand picked the best yoga and meditation teachers, and ensured that these teachers were not only excellent at teaching, but that they were also very genuine nice people who ‘walked the talk’ and were good fun and an inspiration to be with.

These Eco Yoga Retreat Holidays are a complete package and include


  • the best quality yoga and mindfulness meditation instruction
  • guided outings to visit local attractions such as  Aillwee caves, Cliffs of Moher and many more
  • outdoor activities including hill walking, surfing, kayaking, strolls by the sea and simply relaxing in Nature
  • sample local cuisine for lunch at restaurants and cafes during our guided outings
  • amazing vegetarian food by Paddi our famous cook
  • optional vegetarian cooking classes
  • comfortable accommodation
  • all within a genuine yogic environment




Best Yoga Retreats Award since 2012

In 2012 Tripadvisor introduced a new award system to recognize the best reviews enetered for the preceding year.

This award of Excellence was presented to Burren Yoga in 2012, and every year since then.

Tripadvisor is a very respected independent body where one can be guaranteed that the reviews are completely independent and do not rely on ‘friendships’ or other connections.

We feel honoured to receive such high praise on our yoga holidays and we hope that this reflects the motivation that we have to provide the best genuine retreat experience within a fun filled experience and that it encourages more and more people to practice yoga and meditation on a daily basis when they leave our retreat.

Best Yoga Retreats for 2019

We continually strive to improve our retreats and Dave manages each one of the retreats himself.  This gives him direct contact with all our guests, and he hears all the feedback directly and is constantly implementing plans and tweaking the already successful retreats to incorporate changes and suggestions made by new visitors.

There is more information about the best yoga retreats for 2019 at
Best Yoga Retreats 2019

We hope that you will experience what you feel is the best yoga retreat when you come here, and we look forward to doing whatever we can to help ensure that you have a very enjoyable stay with us.