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Bikram’s Yoga Routine

Bikrams Yoga is a routine of 26 poses, which works the whole body. The poses work synergistically and cumulatively to return the body to a balance state. The balance, and most importantly the tourniquet effect. The Bikram technique allows the stretching, squeezing and massaging of the internal organs, flushing out the cardiovascular system and stimulating the endocrine and nervous systems in order to release any deficient hormones and enzymes. The body self-regulating and self-adjusting.


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Bikram yoga in Ireland

Classes in the States can be huge as there is big demand for these classes. In the Burren Yoga and meditation Centre the classes are limied to 15 participants.

A regular Bikam Yoga Practice:

  • Regulates cholesterol in the blood
  • Supplies oxygen and nutrients to parts of the body that have been blocked or stagnant
  • Eliminates toxins
  • Flushes the lymphatic system
  • Strengthens the immune system
  • Balances the endocrine glands
  • improves the spine?s flexibility and health
  • Expands lung capacity and strengthens bones
  • Stretches, tones and firms the muscles
  • Promotes weight loss
  • Produces a healthy glow from the person

Fun and high energy

The routine of Bikram Yoga is dynamic and exhilarating.

Sweating and Heat
The room is intentionally warm so that your muscles will stretch more easily and also helps sweat out all the toxins in the body.

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September 2013 Bikram yoga with Niamh Jones

October 2013 Boot camp Bikram yoga with Niamh Jones


July 2013 Yoga boot camp week with Niamh Jones

Full Calendar of yoga holidays including all Bikram retreats

What Burren Yoga and Meditation Centre offers

The Burren Yoga and Meditation Centre offers over 40 yoga holidays each year.

We teach over 8 different types of yoga including Bikram yoga and many others.

What type of yoga is best for me ?

We have week long courses during the Summer months from June to August, and also at Christmas, New Year and Easter.

We offer weekend courses in Bikram yoga and also other forms of yoga during the rest of the year.

Bikram yoga holidays in Ireland

The feeling of peace and serenity that one feels when one arrives at the centre brings one immediately into the present in a very heartfelt way.

Bikram yoga retreats in Ireland

Niamh Jones was the first qualified Bikram yoga teacher in Ireland and has been teaching Bikram yoga since 2004 at the Burren Yoga and Meditation Centre.

Niamh is a very dedicated yoga practitioner, and she continually furthers her training and completed her ashtanga yoga teacher training a few years ago. Yoga practices yoga and meditation daily, and brings yoga into her daily life and her interactions with other people.

As part of all our Bikram and other yoga courses, we spend time in Nature going for walks in the Burren hills and by the sea.

To see the other activities and places we visit please see The Burren activities

Bikram yoga workshops

The Burren Yoga and Meditation Centre is the perfect place to practice yoga and to have a Bikram yoga holiday.

We are the only yoga centre in Ireland to cater from Complete beginners to Advanced , to offer all forms of yoga, and provide over 40 quality residential courses all year round.

Opened in 1999, we ensure that we use only the most experienced and committed teachers on our Bikram yoga Retreats.

There are courses for

  • beginners
  • improvers
  • regular practitioners
  • teachers

There are courses all year round, nearly every weekend.

There are bikram yoga holidays, bikram yoga retreats, bikram yoga workshops, bikram yoga courses.

We also teach about 8 other forms of yoga.

There are 7-day long courses during the summer months, Christmas, New Year and Easter.

Bikram yoga courses

The centre has ceiling to floor windows with spectacalor views of the Burren hills.

There is under-floor heating throughout the whole centre and it is warm and comfortable all year round.

There is 100% Egyptian cotton sheets 400 thread count and Egyptian cotton towels.

Facilities and photos of the Centre itself

Type of people who come on Bikram yoga holidays

Bikram yoga holidays