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Its easy to slim and lose weight for a short while by stopping eating, or by drastically reducing what one eats.

However, the best way to reduce weight, is to do some work on all levels of your being, which will help change eating patters, cravings, mental weaknesses, addictions, and also the metabolic rate of the body.

By learning yoga and by practicing yoga regularily, gradually one’s body becomes more toned, gradually one becomes much more in touch and in tune with many aspects of our bodies which we have lost over the years.


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And as we start becoming more in tune with these more subtle aspects of our bodies, our bodies begin to speak to us.

They begin to let us know that the food you have just eaten makes you feel heavy and sluggish, bloated or sleepy. And gradually we begin to listen to our bodies and are drawn towards more healthy foods and more healthy and enjoyable exercise.

Allowing time for Yoga to take effect, and allowing time for our higher self to become more in tune with our body, is a much more natural way of losing weight, than going on a crash diet.

And when your body tells you that the food you are considering to eat will not feel good 10 minutes after you have eaten it, it is much easier to say no, and reach for an apple instead.

Becoming slim and trim through yoga is seen as a by product of the practices and not as a goal.

Yogic diet for slimming

As one practices more yoga, and also tries out some more healthy foods such as freshly sprouted mung beans, sprouted alfa alfa, seeds and nuts on one’s salads, spelt bread instead of the fattening white breads which clog up the system and cause more cravings for white flower, healthy organic vegetables prepared in many creative tasy ways, it becomes quite easy to gradually incorportate more of this health food inot one’s daily life.

One great way to try out some of the tasy healthy food is to come on one of our Detox and Yoga weekends here at the Burren Yoga and Meditation Centre.

Its amazing how much of this tasty but very healthful vegetarian food one can eat and still lose weight in an enjoyable way.

Weigh loss program

If one wants to lose weight, the best way is not just to focus on food.

This is one sure way to drive yourself crazy.

Swami Satyananda said that there is more harm done to people by worrying about their food, rather than the effects of the food itself.

If you truely would like to change your lifestyle and become a slimmer, more attractive, vibrant person, then consider taking up yoga and including it into a regular part of your daily activities.

And as part of this yoga lifestyle, try cutting down on meat, cutting out white flour, sugar, reducing processed foods, reducing or eliminating alcohol, avoiding snacks in the middle of the day (substitute an apple at the start), eating more fresh organic vegetables, including juices and smoothies into your diet and being creative in your choice and variety of foods.

Weight loss through exercise

And the best weight loss exercise is Yoga. Yoga will change your body over time so that it will no longer crave those snacks, or crave that white bread, or processed food which often act like a vicious circle and producing even more cravings shortly after you have eaten them.

If you would like to learn more about healthy eating for Detox and weight loss, Tell me more about Detox