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Online Yoga Classes and Videos

Online Yoga classes

There are many websites offering Online yoga classes.  Some offer many free online yoga classes so that you can get an idea if you enjoy practicing to them, and also so that you can feel the benefits of practicing yoga.


Online yoga classes for Beginners

Some online yoga classes are suitable for complete beginners while others are more advanced and assume that you know how to take care of your back, and know how to synchronise your breath with the postures and also how to focus on breathing evenly and easily.



Yoga online classes

One very good thing about Yoga online classes is that you can practice whenever you want.  And you can browse and look for new online classes to expand your practice as you become familiar with the postures in the beginner online yoga classes.


Some websites charge a monthly fee in order for you to access unlimited online yoga classes and others offer special rates for an annual subscription.


Yoga Video Online

These yoga videos online are becoming more popular as people are prepared to practice by following online yoga videos.


It is important to note that for a complete beginner following a yoga video online, they may think they are following the instructions correctly, but that they don’t have an instructor present to keep an eye on them and to make sure they are protecting their back and getting the correct alignment in the posture.


Online yoga videos for beginners

So for a complete beginner, it may be worth considering attending a good experience yoga teacher in order to ensure they are practicing the basics correctly before following an online yoga video for beginners at home on their own.


It is always useful to actually practice with a good yoga teacher from time to time, so that they can tune in to check you are breathing correctly, that you have the correct focus with your mind during your practice and also to check your alignment and effort you are making.