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Ireland is a beautiful country on the western edge of Europe.  There are only 4.5 million people in Ireland and over 1 million live in Dublin and another within a 60 mile radius of Dublin.

Most of the rest of the country has quite a low population and is famous for its green fields, it’s lakes and hills and unspoilt landscape.

Some of the most spectacular scenery is on the west coast of Ireland.  This is where you will find traditional Irish living at a very easy going slow pace of life.



The best way to experience this, is to slow down yourself and not rush though the place on  a tour bus.

A real genuine Irish Tour involves staying in one location for a few days or preferably a week, and going on guided outings within a small group to truly experience the easy going pace and see and immerse yourself  in the beauty of this unspoilt natural countryside.

A nice way to do this is to sign up for one of the Eco yoga retreats at the Burren Yoga and Meditation Centre which include

  • the best quality yoga and meditation instruction
  • guided outings to visit local attractions Aillwee caves, Cliffs of Moher and many more
  • outdoor activities including hill walking, surfing, kayaking, strolls by the sea and simply relaxing in Nature
  • sample local cuisine for lunch at restaurants and cafes during our guided outings
  • amazing vegetarian food by Paddi our famous cook
  • optional vegetarian cooking classes
  • comfortable accommodation
  • all within a genuine yogic environment


Travel Ireland

There are many airports in Ireland which you can fly into.  Travel within Ireland is a bit more difficult as the bus services are limited to cities, but the most beautiful scenery is well away from the cities.


Instead of relying on usual buses to travel to see the most beautiful parts, it is better to base yourself in one location and have someone local take you to see the most beautiful special places.


Tours in Ireland

There are many bus and coach companies which offer tours in Ireland where sometimes you will be herded along from one usual tourist location to the next and this could leave you feeling tired and also wondering why you have heard of the easy going Irish people when you may meet the usual tourist type people at every single location where you stop.


It can depend on whether you would like to see the genuine special places in Ireland at a nice easy going place, or whether you prefer to be taken in a bus from pace to place and just tick of place names on  a list.


The Burren is one of the most beautiful special places in Ireland, and you can get a good idea by simply using google to search for Burren to see what you find.


Ireland Coach tours

There are also many coach tours to see the usual tourism stopping places in Ireland.  Or at least see the places that have parking big enough for coach tours and are able to handle the hundreds of people that are taken through these places every hour of the day.


Again it is all about a preference of being taken on a coach tour and possibly liking that feeling of being on a bus with so many people, or whether you would prefer a small group of 15 people most of whom are Irish and getting to know each other as you chat and laugh your way through the week.


Photos of guided outings in the Burren


Ireland tour packages

And alternative Ireland tour package is to go to the Burren Yoga and Meditation Centre and stay for a weekend or a week where you will be taken on daily guided outings and the complete package will include all the activities mentioned above.


These Burren Yoga tour packages… if we can call them that 😉 will be better than any Ireland tour package that you have every experienced!


Just take a look at Tripadvisor and look for reviews on Burren Yoga.