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Weather in Ireland in the Winter

Summer in Ireland is approx June to September with warmer months tending to be July and August. Although the past few years, September has been sunny and quite warm.

Winter is approx November to February or March.

Geographic factors

The Burren Geopark is an area of limestone hills which is about 30 miles long and 15 miles wide, and situated on the West coast of Ireland and runs along by the coast of county Clare.



The Gulf Stream runs off shore and is a good few degrees warmer than the normal surrounding sea temperature.

The prevailing wind is South Westerly and blows across the Gulf sream bringing warming winds to this area.

During Summer, the sun heats up the limestone hills which are hundreds of feet in thickness. This heat is released very slowly during winter and also helps to bring some additional warmth to the surrounding areas.

The Burren is one part of Ireland where the farmers leave their cattle outside during the Winter as it is quite a few degrees warmer than the rest of the country.



Winter Temperatures

The temperature rarely goes below 8 degrees celcius or 46 faranheit.

Most days would be closer to 10 degrees 50 faranheit.

However, occassionally the temperature will drop to 0 celcius or 32 faranheit but this is quite unusual.

And we may get some days of 14 degrees celcius 57 faranheit even in December or January.


We can get rain any month of the year. However it is not usually as heavy as the thunder storms one can experience in central Europe, and we usually will find a time period during the day to still go out for our walk.

We get less rain from May to September.

However, even in Winter, we rarely get rain that lasts too long, and always get a break in the weather to get out.

Unpredictability of the weather

The only thing one can expect of the weather in Ireland is to be surprised 😉

The wind blows in from the Atlantic and we can have sunshine one minute and clouds and rain the next, followed by sunshine again.




One definitely is aware of the weather, and it makes one live in the present moment appreciating whatever sunshine we get, and adjusting our day without expectations as the Gods deliver us a mixture of conditions.

Clothes to wear

Because the weather never gets to cold that we can’t get out for walks, we go for hill walks and walks by the sea all year round.

However, its best to bring good rain gear, light gortex rain jacket and light gortex rain pants if you have them, and then maybe a fleece to go underneath if it happens to be cold.

Its best to bring extra tee shirts that you can wear as an extra layer, and then take one off, if you get too warm.

Walking boots are a must.

Coming down some of the hills, it can be quite easy to twist an ankle if you are wearing inappropraite shoes especially MBT’s which are quite dangerous on the uneven surfaces.

If you don’t have walking boots which are good at protecting your ankles, then please bring strong walking shoes.

Sometimes we go for a swim in the sea at Chrsitmas and New Year, so if you feel like braving the elemnts, then do include swimming suit.

A warm hat, scarf or neck warmer and gloves are a good idea in Winter.

Summer clothes should include swimming gear, shorts for hill walking, but also do include your gortex raingear.

And also sun block, sun cream and after sun.


Photos of Clothes people wear here


We rarely get mosquetoes here, or midges or other biting insects which can be found in other parts of Ireland. This is probably because of the lack of lakes in the Burren, and being so close to the sea.


All in all, the weather is healthy without too much damaging strong sun that could cause cancer, without any extreem cold weather that would put one off going for walks, and a nice mix of unpredictability that makes each day seem like an adventure.