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Walking holiday

All of our yoga retreats including walks in the Burren hills and by the sea each day.


The timetable of each day is made of of

  • Breathwork or meditation
  • Yoga class
  • Showers and breakfast
  • An organised walk in the Burren hills or by the sea
  • Sometimes visits to ancient sites or the cave where the hermit meditated for 7 years
  • Afternoon yoga class
  • Dinner
  • Relaxation class or walk by the sea

On our week long courses (Christmas, New Year, Easter and every week from June to September) we also have another hillwalking outing in the afternoon.

  • Second afternoon hill walk or walk by the sea

We have courses for complete beginners, and we have other courses for people who are already practicing yoga. Some of our courses are suitable for both beginners and advanced.

To see the different types of yoga that we teach please see What type of yoga is best for me ?

Walking in the Burren hills

It is advised to bring good walking boots and rain gear with you, as the weather on the west coast of Ireland is very changable.

However, it is one of the best places for walking in Ireland.

The main reason is that the area is made up of limestone hills.



And limestone hills have cracks and gaps and crevices that run deep down into the rock making it very porous.

And if it has been raining heavily, the minute it stops, there is no rain left on the ground and it is completely dry with good grip for hill walking.

Whereas if you go to Connemara, you often have to walk through a bog and are drenched before you start to ascend the hill.

In the Burren there are no midges because it is so dry, the weather is mild throughout the year, although we do get quite a bit of wind. And it is just spectacular for views from the hills, with little or no people here.

Walking weekend

We have yoga weekends all year round, and each course starts Friday evening at 7pm with dinner and finishes on Sunday about 2 pm after lunch.

The weekend courses for the next few months can be seen at Calendar of Yoga Retreats

Walking in Nature

To see photos of some of our outdoor walks please see Hill walking holiday

Yoga and Walking

To see some other activities as well as yoga and walking, there is more information at Outdoor activities on Walking Holiday 


All of our yoga retreat holidays include walks in the Burren hills and walks by the sea.

Meet like minded people

Most people come to our courses on their own and are beginners to yoga. It is very easy to meet other people on the courses, especially during the organized outdoor activities each day.