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This ‘How to Meditate’ course contains a short practice that you can complete each day for the next month.

The course will include

  • Guidance on finding a comfortable sitting posture using a meditation cushion and blocks, or a meditation stool or a chair
  • How we can ease aches or discomfort by using a blanket
  • Clear guidance on how to deal with thoughts and also with trains of thought
  • How to deal with feelings of discomfort, or urges to move or scratch the body
  • How we breathe in mediation and other breathing practices that will help calm the mind and deepen our practice
  • How we minimize distractions from the body by using a settling practice known as Kayastairam
  • How to increase your will power and motivation in order to establish a daily practice and to keep it up
    • This important aspect is essential… as although the actual practice of meditation, the method is not difficult… getting yourself to do the practice every single day can be a huge challenge. This course overcomes this by giving you tips on how you can reward yourself, as well as guiding you gently and easily though the practice each day for the first 30 days. By then your daily practice will be quite firmly established.
  • When and where to practice
  • What to do immediately following the practice… and also immediately before the practice


I will also touch on the chackras, the main energy channels and how these relate to meditation, and also the yoga philosophy and how our awareness can transcend the mind

And briefly look at some yoga postures to help open the hips and others to remove stiffness and prepare for meditation.

Each day the course will start with a short introduction of a new aspect of meditation.

Instead of presenting you with too much information all at once, the essential information is broken down into small chunks.

Then we will have approx. 15 minutes of actually experiencing the meditation each day.

After you have covered the first 14 days, if you have any questions that have not already been covered, please feel free to email me.

Love and Best Wishes,